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The Bodyboard-Depot

A live video-link up with one of the world’s best bodyboarders as he prepares for a high-profile competition in Australia; video coaching sessions on Fistral Beach; a tag-team event featuring the UK’s top bodyboarders; and the chance to win a trip to Morocco: all of these will feature in a grand launch event being held on Sunday 17th April to celebrate the opening of a new venture masterminded by professional bodyboarder, former British Champion and British Team Coach Rob Barber.

The Bodyboard-Depot (www.bodyboard-depot.com), as it will be known, will be based at Newquay’s Carnmarth Hotel and is designed to be a one-stop shop and website for fans of the sport to book coaching sessions and overseas surf trips, purchase specialist equipment, watch the latest bodyboarding videos and get tips and advice from some of the experts. The event on April 17th is open to everyone and will kickstart at 12:30pm with a live webchat with Frenchman Pierre-Louis Costes as he psyches himself up to compete at the International Bodyboard Association’s Grand Slam Pro event at the notoriously heavy wave known as ‘The Box’ in Western Australia.

The action will then continue with video coaching sessions on the beach and a tag-team event featuring some of the UK’s top bodyboarders including British Champion Damian Prisk. April 17th is also a big day for Cornwall-based Prisk who is launching his own new signature bodyboard model, designed and produced for him by Science Bodyboards - the Hawaiian brand owned by nine times world champion Mike Stewart.

“We’re expecting a great turn out for the launch event with lots of the British pro riders coming along,” says Rob Barber. “Everyone is welcome and we’re going to be announcing the details of a number of competitions and opportunities for aspiring bodyboarders to get involved as part of the Bodyboard-Depot team. UK bodyboarding has a growing following so we’re hoping the launch event, the depot and the website will give bodyboarders the opportunity to get all the advice and gear they need to take their own surfing to the next level. It should be an awesome day especially if there’s some swell about so we’re encouraging everyone who has an interest in bodyboarding to come along and enjoy themselves.”

The site will launch officially on Sunday 17th April but you can keep up to date with all the great pre-launch content on The Bodyboard-Depot Facebook Page.

The Bodyboard-Depot will be run in conjuction with Rob Barber’s Bodyboarding School and Bodyboarding Team which will be touring the UK, Ireland and Jersey throughout May and June. For more information www.bodyboard-depot.com / www.robbarber.com

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