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The Pacific has sort of been in cruise mode lately and neither half of the ocean have any particularly large systems showing at this point.

Unfortunately the lack of storms means there is a lack of swell…and so I am expecting a run of smaller surf for the next week or so…depending on if the either our EPAC tropics or something in NPAC breaks loose a little sooner.

North Pacific
The North Pacific….while doesn’t have the power the SPAC does, is starting to get a bit rough around the edges with storms starting to show a little more life, better positioning, and just overall swell production potential.

There is a mix of storm activity just below the Aleutians that is not just setting up a little WNW swell for the Pacific NW and Northern/Central California but it is helping to enhance the NW windswell that runs along the West Coast of California. We can expect a boost of NW west coast windswell hitting the through most of this week…and then strengthening more as we head into this upcoming this weekend…NW windswell gets a boost and a bit of medium-period swell (290-310+) that fills in with some more overhead+ surf for around Sunday/Monday. Hawaii will get a little more tradeswell…but truly it won’t be much of a difference compared the nearly constant stream of tradewindswell the islands get already.

Like I mentioned in the last forecast basically there isn’t much energy in the water for the NPAC to make much surf on its own unless you are north of Point Conception, but spots that are and can pull in the mix of swells should do nicely with shoulder-head high surf for most of the week and some and some overhead sets that show at spots that can really pull in the NW windswell over the weekend.

East Pacific Tropics
Not much going on in the tropics either…Frank didn’t end up lasting very long as he came up against some shearing from the NPAC….so there was no real tropical energy coming from this direction…just a little enhancement from the SE that helped to keep the consistency up.

Right now we have no organized activity…but there are a bunch of new thunderstorms forming down along the coast of Mainland Mexico…

…that might pull together enough to become some sort of system in the next couple of days. I if the disturbance gets too far west it will probably get torn up by upper level winds….but if it holds close to coast there is always a chance it will hold together.

South Pacific
The SPAC is still going to keep a few waves rolling our way for the next several days…the bigger S-SSW swell will be fading out over the weekend but it looks like some small reinforcing swells will move in late Sunday, but mostly Monday and Tuesday, to help the surf from dropping too fast.

It won’t be very exciting this weekunless the tropics break loose. Instead there is acouple of S-SSW swells that peaked early this week and will hold on for a couple of days but a weak reinforcement of SW swell will help to keep things from getting too small too fast.

Further outthere are a couple areas of interest in the South Pacific. There is still some action over by the Chile that will push out a couple of S swells toward Central and South America…it won’t be much that makes it back against the grain to the West Coast but the energy will be out there. The other one is just forming over by New Zealand and is looking to become more organized as we move into this upcoming weekend. Chances are that we are going to see some energy from this storm around the middle of September.

Adam Wright
Surf Forecaster

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