Van Morrision

SOUTHBOUND & DOWN: After a month of pumping, of being slammed by relentless cyclone swells, the Gold Coast has been exhausted, a mine that's got nothing left to give, at least for a couple of days. Deano still couldn't get enough, got together with mates -- shaper, Dane Hamilton; and filmer, Shagga -- and headed way south in search of reeling beachbreaks.

A DINGO TOOK MY BREAKWALL: It's a long, long drive from Dean's Gold Coast manor. All we can say is somewhere on the NSW coast. Somewhere south of Newcastle. And you don't want no trouble from the locals. Especially the beach walkers.



FIN DE CYCLE: This is a man who knows a surfboard. After long and distinguished periods refining planks with everyone from Nev Hyman, Jason Stephenson and Nik Blair, Deano knows exactly where he can push a rail on a mega-refined craft like this one from Hossegor's Christian Bradley.

VAN MORRISON: Well, technically, it's not a van or a bus or a wagon, in fact it's much better, it's a V6 Toyota Prado. Dane and Dean apply the sunscreen for another session while "Ikey" watches on.

SMOOTHEST LINES IN THE GAME: even when burning off speed on a flabby wall.