Weekend Warrior Scotland

A GERMAN weekend warrior hitting up your spots, placing his towel all over your slabs? It's enough to make the blood boil.

That is if it wasn't Marlon Lipke, ex World Tour surfer and all round good guy, blessed with Teutonic good looks and a nose for the barrel. Marlon developed these assets in Portugal not on the Munich river wave and in-between his campaign to regain his Tour status he embarks on out-of-the-ordinary trips to show everyone that with a little time and creativity you can score waves in Europe any time of the year even if you are on a very tight contest schedule.

Most Euro surfers don't need telling that Scotland gets good in the teeth of winter. They know this as well as they remember how damn cold it is and how committed you have to be to surf heavy slabs during the North Atlantic winter.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley