World Championship of Crapsurfing

WORLD Championship of Crap Surfing and Crap Surfers Ball to press ahead despite predictions of fine weather and good surf

Organisers of the World Championship of Crap Surfing and The Crap Surfers Ball have stated that the events will absolutely go ahead despite predictions of fine weather and good surf.

Organiser and BBC Radio 2 culture show resident poet Murray Lachlan Young said: "Being a crap competition, we generally anticipate rain and no waves to create ideal crap conditions for such an event."

However, a forecast of an Indian summer and moderate swell will not distract us or fellow crap surfers. The date for the challenge has been set and the coveted World Champion of Crap Surfing title is there for the taking.

The idea of a championship for crap surfers surfaced when Murray and fellow crap surfers Nigel Pengelly and Julian Perrott decided that, despite many years trying to catch waves, they were still hopelessly inadequate at the sport.

Missing the thrill of a surf competition to enter, they decided that a championship aimed at celebrating poor surfing was needed. Thus was born crapsurfer - a fun, international movement for surfers of all abilities to express their love of surfing, in a relaxed and non-elitist, social network.

Murray added: "Without making mistakes, there is no way of getting better. This truth discovered, extends through all learned life skills. So, rather than feeling ashamed about being no good, why not say it loud? I¹m crap and I'm proud."

This year's world championships will see surfers from all over the globe tackling the waves for best men's, woman's, cross-dressing, veterans, youth and overall champion titles.

There are also more than a dozen other special awards to be won on the day. These include: most genuinely upset loser, most missed waves, best beach strut, worst paddle out, best wipeout, laziest surfer, worst wetsuit and worst example of bragging.

There is a raft of top quality prizes to be won. Sponsors such as Skinners, Sharps, Ripcurl, Carve, Wavelength, Bilbo Surf, Ocean Surf, The Union, 24-7, Bathsheeba Surf, South Shore Surf, and RJ Supplies have all donated prizes.

Crap surfers in need of a helping hand will benefit from surf lessons on the day provided by Jessica Cox of Sirens Surf.

Following the world championships, there¹ll be a chance to mix and dance with the surf stars at The Crap Surfers Ball. Here tales of bravery, success, loss and stupidity will be shared to a background of great entertainment.

The Crap Surfers Ball will feature superstar DJ Ry Spenceley of Love Riot ­ a man who certainly knows how to raise the temperature after a day in the sea. Ry will be supported by DJ Kellie Slater - a very distant relation to the current Quiksilver Pro champion Kelly ­ who has been flown over from Florida to play some groovy surftastic hits. There will also be live stonking bluegrass from surf mavericks Cahooty.

Guests to the ball will be invited to try their skills on a free surf simulator with a prize for the longest time on the board.

The World Championship of Crap Surfing takes place at Praa Sands, Cornwall, on Saturday, September 24, 2011, at noon.

The Crapsurfers Ball takes place at the Sand Bar, Praa Sands, in the evening from 9pm until late.

For more information, championship entry registration and Crap Surfers Ball tickets, go to

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley