Surf Photo Tags

We've been running the photoLab for over year now and it has been a great success; you have uploaded over 20,000 photos, far beyond what we ever thought might happen. The only problem with this is that there are now so many photos that it's hard to find anything. We need to organise and one of the ways we'd like you to help is by tagging the photos you view. By sheer weight of numbers this will sort the photos into different categories, making things much easier to find. You can see all the tags below: the bigger the word the more people have tagged it.

Of course we'll also do our bit and we've generally tidied up and made things easier to find and navigate. We're also adding a couple of new features to help viewers and photographers sort their own photos out. Right now you can log in to start adding photos to your own personal gallery page...

abstract aerial art atlantic shootout backlit barrel beach break big wave black and white bodyboard bomb cold comedy crowded cutback drop in endless summer fish glassy go pro heavy hollow hurricane swell kayak kite kneeboard landscape lifeboat lines lineup longboard northern exposure panorama people perfection point break pro surfer reef break retro sequence shortboard silhouette skimboard slab spray stand up paddle stormy sunrise sunset surfer girl tasman shoot out tropical uk summer shootout underwater unridden waveski wedge wildlife windsurf wipeout wreck young surfer