Keith's photo of Cape Town

Diaz shorey super fun - all pics by Mike Dei-Cont

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Cape Town

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Stevierocks's avatar

Stevierocks Aug 1, 2011 Rating: 1

have some tea with your pooh comment! its nothing like it!

mattmariob's avatar

mattmariob Nov 18, 2010 Rating: 0

hahaha sick lil shorey tho

southcoastbbyyyyyyy's avatar

southcoastbbyyyyyyy Nov 14, 2008 Rating: 3

probably the worst comment ive ever heard...it is nothing like it!

Francois Bouwer's avatar

Francois Bouwer Aug 15, 2008 Rating: -5

Diaz looks like a mini teahupoo, same shape, super thick, just smaller.

robpilch's avatar

robpilch Apr 30, 2011 Rating: 0

ok stop talking now

Francois Bouwer's avatar

Francois Bouwer Feb 4, 2011 Rating: -7

Oh, btw, when I wrote that comment I only just started surfing, after only seeing the beach in summer time when it is normally mushy. At the time anything that is closing and breaking round looked like mini teahupoo. I know better now. Some spots in Indo look like mini teahupoo though...

durbanboyuk's avatar

durbanboyuk Feb 2, 2011 Rating: 0

used to spend hours at the North Beach bowl or Sunkist in Durban, just pushing off the sand ...easy, but sometimes very sandy, specially at Sunkist

Francois Bouwer's avatar

Francois Bouwer Jun 13, 2010 Rating: 7

I am going to be brutally honest, I have no idea how bodyboarders paddle on those things, forget about catching waves. I tried bodyboarding (I have to admit the board was quite a bit short for me.) and I couldn't stay on the thing, I couldn't even duck dive a 1ft wave. Surf bowling waves? Hell, I'll fall my ass off.

ronald911's avatar

ronald911 Jun 5, 2010 Rating: 5

Not a bit like Teahupoo to be honest... But it is a lot like Waimea Shorey...