the vanity project's photo of Porthtowan

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Spot Location: UK + Ireland > England > Porthtowan

Date Taken: 14th July 2009. 12598 page views since 19th July 2009.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
8ft 11s 256.18°     16
Thunderstorms 61°f
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shaan Jan 28, 2010 Rating: 1

yeah its lushies, and the swindler - chill out those hormones

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Get Joggly Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 6

Love the way he's " hav 'n a look " ... Naaah mate , there's no one inside , its all yours !! Love that feeling , love the pic.

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Lancearoo Jul 26, 2009 Rating: -3

nice shot man , uncrowded line ups nice, we can take off where we want or just sit and enjoy the view.

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FloridaSufer Jul 26, 2009 Rating: 2

You guys dont know how lucky you have it.

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aWANGatang Jul 25, 2009 Rating: -2

Why do surfers in England always surf the shoulder? THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE!

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cuntface Aug 16, 2009 Rating: 0

no one LIKES U

.....SPARTACUS!!'s avatar

.....SPARTACUS!! Aug 8, 2009 Rating: 1

why you arguing about people arguing about countrys on a surf pic?

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karl mantle Aug 1, 2009 Rating: 0

why you arguin bout countrys on a surf pic !!!

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Didier Jul 28, 2009 Rating: -1

Bonerpart didnt have us peeing in our pants in the slightest... the rest of Europe maybe, but we came along and kicked his arse...TWICE!! Does the name Richard Sharpe ring any bells???

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aWANGatang Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 0


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aWANGatang Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 0

Didn't mean to start any arguments here. I lived in England about four years ago. Born and raised there. My comments are simply innocent cracks on the English. I had no intentions of creating an uproar ;).

.....SPARTACUS!!'s avatar

.....SPARTACUS!! Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 1

as ussual an american must come to the defense of the french..........according to the history books at one point the fench had the brits peeing in there pants with fear......does napolean bonerpart ring a bell munchkinteeterson? BTW try invading them now.......with the liberal US govt in place there is no way they would let the primary wine and cheese supplier be invaded!

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soutie Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 1

thats understandable, according to your comment they were outnumbered 12 to 1. haha

Meunchkkleeerrr III's avatar

Meunchkkleeerrr III Jul 27, 2009 Rating: 0

BECASUE THEY ARE FRENCH and they had their arse kicked by romans, germans, brits, russians, germans, spanish, portuguese, brits, brits, brits,germans, germans, koreans, vietnamese, and hairdressers.

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hindleg Jul 26, 2009 Rating: 1

Why are the French so miserable?

soutie's avatar

soutie Jul 26, 2009 Rating: 0

naaaa, mate. had a look at his comments and i am sure he is not french. (talking about "dumbass floridians" for example). i am sure he is the El Rey Del Olas/ Robro of old. same childish comments and same vocabulary. shame, he still hasnt been laid yet.

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Meunchkkleeerrr III Jul 26, 2009 Rating: 1


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the vanity project Jul 26, 2009 Rating: 1

Why do you have a chip on your shoulder?

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hindleg Jul 25, 2009 Rating: 2

Why do you hate everything? Oh right because you're from france. duh. Of course.

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Modjo Brother Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 2

looking really sweet !!! why go to newquay if you got those waves for you there?!

Meunchkkleeerrr III's avatar

Meunchkkleeerrr III Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 1

yo VEEPS i was VERY close to you this day, very close indeedddddddddd

Meunchkkleeerrr III's avatar

Meunchkkleeerrr III Jul 24, 2009 Rating: 3

well i tired the old ghillie but the bullrushes kept giving me the bumms rush! and my mother was with me, she always walks me down to ze beach and stand there sobbing and whimpering with holding a semi-deflated (no!) rubber ring that i used to sit in as a baby Meunchlin. Now i jsut go "ohhh Mummm shadddapppppp" and then rus off into the frothing sea. On this particualr day iwas in the water not very far away and smiling at your beautiful cheeks....

the vanity project's avatar

the vanity project Jul 22, 2009 Rating: -2

Not even your own mother is close to you my little Muenchkling!!! P.S. I could have sworn there was a little red laser dot from a sniper rifle dancing around me in the water that day, it all makes sense now. Next time get yourself a ghillie suit, I spotted you a mile off in your pink wetsuit hidden in the scrub!

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spookrider Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 0

It's where I like my British surfers best: way off on the shoulder.

.....SPARTACUS!!'s avatar

.....SPARTACUS!! Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 2

Sweet ass shot VP!!!.....You dont wanna know the nasty things I would do to that lucshous sumpshuous wave right now....even your twisted mind couldnt handle it.....

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bluedude Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 0

Where is Lushingtons?

cuntface's avatar

cuntface Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 0

yh it is lushys

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Sids Surf Shack Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 0

Quality pic...we'd all love to be on that one!

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langer Jul 21, 2009 Rating: -1

y ru south african such wan*#rs ? nout wrong with the odd sholuder take off if ur not in the right spot

Shorey's avatar

Shorey Jul 23, 2009 Rating: 0

Cant help it my dick feels good. Lighten up sunshine it was a light hearted joke, no need to get all teary now. ps because one south african says something doesnt mean all south africans feel that way, generally. Generally generalisations can be pretty general though, generally.

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The Swindler Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 2

Its Lushingtons dumb ass's....

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shaan Jul 20, 2009 Rating: 0

thats the southern end of porthtowan i think, not aggie or portreath

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shaan Jul 23, 2009 Rating: 0

you saying its not porthtowan?

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Poontang surfer Jul 23, 2009 Rating: 0

its def not any of them...

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franklee Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 2

judging by that rock its none of those,a fine wave on its day tho

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cuntface Jul 20, 2009 Rating: 0

amzin view id luv to be lookin into that is this portreath or agy

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the vanity project Jul 20, 2009 Rating: 2

Before someone claims all British surfers always sit way off on the shoulder, he didn’t go for this one. He was just enjoying the view.

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bazza Jul 26, 2009 Rating: -2


.....SPARTACUS!!'s avatar

.....SPARTACUS!! Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 3

Bazzzza, thats the same thing your dad said to your mom.......nine months before you....little bazzabambina came sqirtin' out into this world.

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bazza Jul 22, 2009 Rating: 2

Tie you camera in a condom. Its waterproof to 5m. Says on the packet.

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the vanity project Jul 21, 2009 Rating: -1

I guess I can be accused of sitting way off on the shoulder shooting this photo though, but I have my reasons: I don’t have a waterproof camera so when a wave comes over me I have to throw the camera up in the air, duck under the wave and then catch the camera again before it gets wet. As a system it generally works fine until it starts raining, at which point I have to get the brolly out.

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soutie Jul 21, 2009 Rating: 3

nothing wrong with the odd shoulder takeoff if it helps make the wave / good sections and there isnt a pack

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Shorey Jul 20, 2009 Rating: 0

Bunch of SHOULDER HOPPERS :) hugs

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Free surf83 Jul 20, 2009 Rating: 0

and what a nice view it is!