Carlos Antonio Ferrer's photo of Scripps Pier/La Jolla

Wind and Sea

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Scripps Pier/La Jolla

Spot Location: California, South > San Diego County > Scripps Pier/La Jolla

Date Taken: 24th December 2008. 11030 page views since 4th August 2009.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
1.5ft 13s 288.02° 1.9ft 7s   6
Overcast 55°f
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. Aug 11, 2009 Rating: -2

Mantis I thought they were more pussies than duffs and pompous; last time I was there was November and they were crying about the cold, I was in a 2/3 and love’n it! But the surf was great every day so just stuck in ear plugs and got on with it.

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insanedane07 Aug 23, 2009 Rating: -2

irish chick, maybe you were not hanging out with some of the locals and plus i highly doubt u were even out there for more than 1 to 2 hours. fuck wet suits during that time, just casual board shorts or my b.w. will do.

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mantis Aug 7, 2009 Rating: -1

I was more of a big rock and blacks fan myself. however la jolla has some of the best surf in Cali in my opinion. too bad there are so many duffs and pompous

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Flargin Aug 10, 2009 Rating: 3

duffs and pompous... I love it! Whenever it was windy, stormy, and chunky I was out, especially at Blacks (this was the only way to avoid all the duffs and pompous!)

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JERZnotJAWS Aug 6, 2009 Rating: 0

man i love scripps

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Credit Name: Aug 5, 2009 Rating: 1

sir wheat