Piero Marotta's photo of Pico Alto

M.Healy with Toto de Romaña,Billabong Pico Alto. Foto:Piero Marotta

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Pico Alto

Spot Location: Peru - South > South Peru > Pico Alto

Date Taken: 5th June 2009. 22698 page views since 7th September 2009.

Big Wave Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
6ft 14s 221.99° 3.5ft 16s 3ft 6s 11
Sunny 68°f
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MantaWave Sep 13, 2009 Rating: -1

Granted it's a huge wave, but please check horizontal.

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ed traniello Sep 12, 2009 Rating: 0

hey sweet pic ,, sum one comment my pics now

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Sir Surfalot Sep 11, 2009 Rating: -1

heavy, heavy, heavy!

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Didier Sep 10, 2009 Rating: -1

Veeps where they actually spongers or were they just gay.... i mean, you dont have to be a sponger to be gay, but you do have to be gay to be a sponger... tricky one really.

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chenson Sep 10, 2009 Rating: -3

huevos grandes.

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X Check This X Sep 8, 2009 Rating: -2

charging super hard

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the vanity project Sep 8, 2009 Rating: 1

Hey Joggly, looks like the other two of your Wiggles crew didn’t make it. Auditions for a new bassist and drummer will be held next week. Nice dramatic shot by the way mate.

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Coelacanth Sep 8, 2009 Rating: 0

There was one good thing that came out of the Teletubbies being imported here via PBS. I recall that the EXTREMELY influential American Christian Right Wing Fundamentalist televangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell was fixated with the 'Tinkywink' teletubby character...and was convinced this character was gay and was promoting tolerance of the 'gay lifestyle' to preschoolers. Falwell was critical in helping G.W. Bush win the Republican primary in 2000 over John McCain in a shameful way. I like to think that his 'Tinkywink' fixation (it was so bizarre at the time!) put Falwell 'over the edge' healthwise and is the main reason he's no longer with us. But I'm SURE that's just me!!! :] P.S.- Didn't know the Wiggles were such a worldwide phenom. from Australia until now. Good on ya, mates!

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the vanity project Sep 8, 2009 Rating: 0

Cheers but Joggly has to take the credit on this one. I never even heard of Wiggles until he mentioned them on this image …. http://magicseaweed.com/photoLab/viewPhoto.php?photoId=120875 Would be great to see the sequence with the other two roaring out of the mist on the left! Kiddy entertainers AND serious wave chargers….now that is a role model for the nippers I can feel good about. What with the Teletubbies being spongers and all!

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kendaddy Sep 8, 2009 Rating: 0

f#@*inf hilarious bro