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Reuben Pearce

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Puerto Escondido

Spot Location: Mexico, Pacific > Pacific Coast Mexico > Puerto Escondido

Date Taken: 12th April 2009. 16264 page views since 12th May 2010.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
3.5ft 13s 210.28° 2ft 18s   6
Sunny 85°f
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barney2123 May 17, 2010 Rating: -3

Id never comment on pics, but this one is something special. Reminds me of this video and song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBN3nrkmWmA Amazing shot man.

ShReDtheGnAr.'s avatar

ShReDtheGnAr. May 17, 2010 Rating: -1

ok im gonna teleport there now........fuck. should i bring a gun when i go to mexico?

jniz's avatar

jniz May 16, 2010 Rating: 0

that is so sick.job well done!

XTRA JOSH's avatar

XTRA JOSH May 16, 2010 Rating: -3


tjo's avatar

tjo May 15, 2010 Rating: 2

dude, is that tony hawk!?!?

goofysurf's avatar

goofysurf May 17, 2010 Rating: 0

I thought it was Christopher Walken

Spongerdudette's avatar

Spongerdudette May 16, 2010 Rating: 0

More like Frank Spencer....'''Ohhh Betty the cats done a whoopsie on the carpet''.

dangalow's avatar

dangalow May 15, 2010 Rating: 0

I just bought lotto tickets from this guy at 7-11

Sneakybadger 's avatar

Sneakybadger May 15, 2010 Rating: 1

I was thinking more like Frank Skinner!

stylin mike's avatar

stylin mike May 14, 2010 Rating: 0

Holy hell, man... one of the best shots I've ever seen on this site. Stylin'.

potato-head assasination's avatar

potato-head assasination May 14, 2010 Rating: -1

love the angle, nice shot

Toad's avatar

Toad May 13, 2010 Rating: -2

Help! I'm trapped in a bubble and I don't want to get out!

karim's avatar

karim May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

wet room

Merici Sports CIC's avatar

Merici Sports CIC May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

That is a 5 every day of the week!!! Great shot :-)

MantaWave's avatar

MantaWave May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

Feel sorry for the numbskull who gave that less than a 5

Nachos's avatar

Nachos May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

I wish I were in a warm country, getting tubed in my boardies.


KIMBALINOS May 13, 2010 Rating: 0


jfalvey's avatar

jfalvey May 13, 2010 Rating: 1

Kudos sir!!!

Matt Walsh's avatar

Matt Walsh May 13, 2010 Rating: 2


Sunshine Surf Safari's avatar

Sunshine Surf Safari May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

Thats a wide open view

the vanity project's avatar

the vanity project May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

Love the texture at the top of this cave, would so want to skim my hand across it. nice work

mikeyboy's avatar

mikeyboy May 13, 2010 Rating: 0

Awesome! a perfect capture...