BARRY  BEESLEY's photo of Croyde Beach

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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Croyde Beach

Spot Location: UK + Ireland > England > Croyde Beach

Date Taken: 4th January 2007. 12200 page views since 7th February 2007.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
12.5ft 13s 263.73°     20
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little compton ak Oct 29, 2009 Rating: 1

Pretty, but deadly- the color is the result of Project ALICE (suspended toxic barium and aluminnum particles sprayed by jet plumes in US and coastal Europe)that claims it's environmental friendly fuel additive. Weather and climate geo-engineering started by US Congress who don't give a shit about surfing OR your health! Boycott all US goods until Joe Lieberman and Kay Baylie Hutchinson brought before the Hague!

diewalrus's avatar

diewalrus Nov 28, 2010 Rating: 0

you've been brainwashed by aliens that have abducted you and implanted an mind control defibulator in your rectum. the color is actually due to the sun reflecting off dust, clouds, and sure a little bit of pollution.

S641's avatar

S641 Mar 26, 2010 Rating: -1

I agree

IceCreamHead's avatar

IceCreamHead Mar 15, 2010 Rating: 0

Looks just like any other sunset to me... this year, 20 years ago... a hundred... colour the result of the sun bein low in the sky?

Ball bingo's avatar

Ball bingo Oct 15, 2009 Rating: 3

Best shot I have seen in ages....love the way he trudges towards the darkness with his head down

shoreshotz's avatar

shoreshotz Oct 6, 2009 Rating: 1

moments like this make everything worth it!

Sqirls Wife's avatar

Sqirls Wife Jul 13, 2009 Rating: 0

Like sherbert smeared across the sky! yumyumyum - gorgeous shot!

harro's avatar

harro May 22, 2009 Rating: 2

sickest photo, sick colors

mikej's avatar

mikej Apr 16, 2009 Rating: 1

beautiful, 5*

Liz.J's avatar

Liz.J Apr 1, 2009 Rating: 23

Stunning sky!