yep's photo of Beacons

One of the great spots in the Central atolls : long wrapping rights, very few boats if any, hardly any locals if any

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Spot Location: Maldives > Maldives > Beacons

Date Taken: 24th June 2006. 23049 page views since 29th July 2010.

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sneakybadger Jul 31, 2010 Rating: 0

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litmus Jul 31, 2010 Rating: 1

Didn't look like this from the boat when i was down that way,surfed more of a peak,heavy wave.nice pic though.

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Coelacanth Jul 30, 2010 Rating: 1

From now on...when I see the word "Beacons"...I will think of this photo...and Super Girl's profile pic. Though not necessarily in that order. I may drool a little too...

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Spongerdudette Nov 16, 2010 Rating: -1

Typical man ;)

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Suction Cup Jul 30, 2010 Rating: 0

I'm a local here! Mine's the third palm from the right; great views through the fronds to da peak!

catacid's avatar

catacid Jul 30, 2010 Rating: -1

welcome to the islands!!!!!!!oh ya

Sneakybadger 's avatar

Sneakybadger Jul 30, 2010 Rating: 1

I hear it's overrated!? Looks pretty sweet to me!

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MantaWave Jul 30, 2010 Rating: -1

That's like a hundred times longer than a virginia beach wave :(

markdasurfer's avatar

markdasurfer Jul 30, 2010 Rating: 0

When you see that kind of wave when your not there to surf it, you just want to hit your head off the table! lol! great shot!

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jleb Jul 30, 2010 Rating: 2

For a moment, I thought that was Croyde today http://www.eyeball-surfcheck.co.uk/sites/all/themes/eyeball/video-croyde.php

myrtlesurfer's avatar

myrtlesurfer Jul 29, 2010 Rating: 1

yeah, I am now bummed even more about how flat (and rainy) it is here.

ceo617's avatar

ceo617 Jul 29, 2010 Rating: -1

absolute paradise

nelch's avatar

nelch Jul 29, 2010 Rating: 5

not the sort of stuff i want to see in the middle of a flat spell...

.'s avatar

. Jul 29, 2010 Rating: -1

OMG - yummy!!

Portpipe's avatar

Portpipe Jul 29, 2010 Rating: 0

its like looking at a can of lilt