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Isn't it a annoying when you take a photo of a wave that is bigger than a house but looks average on the photo. I took this a couple of years ago off the Towan headland and have wondered ever since if was just a big day at little fistral or the famed cribbar. Some fella was paddling out from little fistral when my wife made me leave so that we didn't miss our breakfast at the B&B and I have regretted following her back ever since - I would have really liked to see him make it out back for some scale. When I left he was nothing more than a dot and still some way off the peak. Can anyone clarify whether or not it is the cribbar or not. I hate this photo anyway and wish I had never taken it and the simple reason for this like so many other photos I have taken is that I don't remember the waves as they were anymore but as it looks in the photo. Sufficed to say it was bigger than it looks in the photo. I've only had four cans but am rambling.

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Newquay- Little Fistral

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Date Taken: 4th January 2008. 2312 page views since 3rd October 2010.

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Geoff Tydeman Oct 5, 2010 Rating: 2

That's Little Fistral, not the Cribbar. If you had walked to the fence and turned about 90 degrees to your right, you would not have gone back for breakfast, because the Cribbar would have been awesome on that day!

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Dicer Oct 21, 2010 Rating: 0

yep! It looks to me that the swell was around the 7-8ft mark so you could stick another few feet on that for Cribbar. Nice photo though, love the early morning light. We often go down for dawnies.

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willphill Oct 5, 2010 Rating: 1

Are you saying the cribbar was working on this date and i missed it because i didn't go far enough round the headland?


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