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Night of the green ray - Gwynvor

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Date Taken: 3rd October 2010. 1727 page views since 11th December 2010.

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Adam Rondelet Jul 21, 2011 Rating: 0

Nicely done

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Sunspot Dec 19, 2010 Rating: 0

Just to put you in the picture, the 'green ray' is a rarely seen phenomenon that occurs when conditions are just right, more often than no when looking out to sea, where at the very last moment before the sun disappears beneath the horizon, a flash of green light, known as the 'green flash', or a green ray appears for up to 10 seconds. Having heard about it from an art teacher more than 20 years ago, and then in a french movie called 'Les Rayon Vertes' and finally in the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean', I have always been on the look out for it but never seen it. This evening there were only 3 of us on Gwynvor, a lifeguard, his girlfriend and I. I'm not sure whether they spotted the ray, but I just happened to be doing some stone balancing and was really aware of how amazingly the sunset was lining up. I turned to look at the sky just as the sun was dipping under and caught the ray. As you can imagine I was blown away, not just by the ray but also by this sunset. Steph (lifeguard), his girlfriend and I bumped into each other on the way up the many steps to the car park and agreed unanimously that it was one of the best sunsets we'd ever seen. I never asked them if they'd seen the ray, but I guessed they hadn't or they'd have mentioned it, but maybe they were thinking what I was thinking. Some things are just beyond talking about, maybe we all felt the same way. Shortly afterwards I was getting a lift to a garage by some old geezer who'd collided with my car while I was at work (he left a message on my windscreen with his details.., only in Cornwall) and when he found out I was living in Pendeen, asked if I'd ever seen a phenomenon called 'the green ray'. I was overjoyed to share this story with a fellow 'rayer'. If you ever get to be blown away as I was, make sure you share the stoke :-)