tvkeitum7's photo of Sylt

offshore spray in germany!

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Spot Location: Germany + Denmark > Germany > Sylt

Date Taken: 7th January 2011. 16414 page views since 27th January 2011.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
3ft 6s 287.35° 0.5ft 12s   16 23 mph Mostly Clear 37°f
I love beef curtains me !!'s avatar

I love beef curtains me !! Jan 28, 2011 Rating: -2


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guestsurf Jan 27, 2011 Rating: -2


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USA PRIDE Jan 27, 2011 Rating: -21

Interesting photo but....Lets Get some pics of the USA up here!!! Show everyone that the US hosts some of the most talented surfers and best waves in the world. US power!!!

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fondel Jan 31, 2011 Rating: 1

its funny that such a shitty photo of a shitty wave that has been badly edited has created such cross atlantic bull shit.

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sdfjkljklsh Jan 28, 2011 Rating: 1

Satirical? USA PRIDE you sure are devoting a lot of time to whatever if is you are trying to accomplish here.

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Spongerian Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 6

Oh, say, can you blah, by the blah's early blah, What so proudly we blahed at the blahlight's last blahing? Whose broad blahs and bright blahs, thru the blahrilous blah, O'er the ramparts we blahed, were so gallantly blahing? And the rockets' red blah, the bombs blahing in air, Gave blah through the blah that our blah was still blah. O say, does that blah-spangled blahner yet blah O'er the blah of the blah and the blah of the blah?

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Matt Wright Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 5

C'mon man, really? You have no class. They're alot of other countries that have just as good waves and surfers. Don't be so prideful.

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-JP- Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 7

The US has a ridiculous amount of pics put up, fair play you have some worldclass breaks and surfers but let some other places have a few seconds of the limelight.

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The Wiz Jan 27, 2011 Rating: -5

Not sure why this photo is being featured here...

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DoAPooAndGambole Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 2

cuz its only a photo of somebody bloody surfyboarding in germany!

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doobie mcshitlips Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 0


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kristianengell Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 0

i love the effect and makes the wave interesting even thought its not that good :D

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rockinnonstoppin Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 0

dark... different... love it

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tvkeitum7 Jan 27, 2011 Rating: 0

thank you!