Burton H's photo of North Point - Lake Michigan

North Point Sheboygan firing on Thanksgiving morning 2010. Photo was taken by Mike Killion www.greatlakessurfer.com

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North Point - Lake Michigan

Spot Location: Great Lakes > Lake Michigan > North Point - Lake Michigan

Date Taken: 25th November 2010. 46643 page views since 14th March 2011.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
7ft 6s 142.61°     26 34 mph Drizzle 44°f
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RobMachado Mar 18, 2011 Rating: -1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R3cnFLZHv0&feature=related the spot after the broken board in this vid is the spot in the pic good stuff

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hbrj Mar 22, 2011 Rating: 0

Rob, The spot gets real good on a strong south(30mph) switching west(offshore). It comes out of deeper water and ledges up on the limestone reef.Not a long ride and shifty but challenging drops and come fun little barrels. Only have a couple hours till the waves drop out due to the wind switch. Some other options in the immediate area if wind stays south or southwest.

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david puddy Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 0

is he riding a twinnie? superior buoyancy.

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Burton H Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 0

No a regular shortboard. Full on shortboardable>B

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Burton H Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 4

Know your winds and know your surf spots and time it right = big success out here on The Great Lakes. These waves have been breaking for thousands of years with no one surfing them. Me and WIll since i have meet him have been going on surf adventures around mainly Lake Michigan Lake Huron and Lake Superior and I can sure tell you that there are waves out on the lakes that have never been seen or even ridden due to small wind and swell windows like what happened on this Thanksgiving morning, had to be there at first light and it lasted about 2 and a half maybe 3 hours before it was gone. There are spots on these lakes that get even better than this. Like i said with doing my surf reports for the Racine Wisconsin are for Lake Michigan I watch the weather and winds religiously, weather channel, computer weather charts ect. Also a big thing to is you have to drive through all kinds of weather and have to deal with very, very cold temperatures and water temperatures. People from Florida or even California are not going to be flocking to get here.And one major thing is you have to live here to be successful in getting the right conditions. These Great Lakes are inland big seas and have been around for millions of years and yeah its like the 1940's of surfing out here like it was back in the day in California but one thing i have and will always there will be waves on these lakes that will never bee ridden due to the remoteness and the small swell windows. There are hundreds of little islands all over these lakes. Look for new surfing updates starting this next week on March the 21st 2011 for Racine County beaches Lake Michigan. Happy Surfing The Great Lakes. Burton www.nosaltsurf.com

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Francois Bouwer Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 1

There is no fucking way that is in a lake. If that is really lake Michigan, then you guys must have been going nuts. I live next to the ocean at a consistant spot with some epic reefs and it rarely gets that hollow and perfect.

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kidderlidder Mar 21, 2011 Rating: 2

Francois I've never been there, but as another freshwater surfer I know this is not any kind of a joke. Just go search youtube for Lakes Michigam/ Superior surf, or look for a dvd called "unsalted".

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dmeis Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 0

You can totally surf the Lakes, but in addition to being a meteorologist you also have to be willing to drive and occassionally get skunked. We surfed the Lakes on over 90 different days in 2010, saw very few waves like in Mike's photo, but every day was a blast.

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Francois Bouwer Mar 17, 2011 Rating: -1

What? Seriously, this isn't a prank? I might have surfed some bigger waves but I've never surfed such a hollow wave in my life! Not because I'm to scared, but because they are either not available, or aren't really hollow but just tripple lipped mutant close outs with no shape. I've never SEEN a wave this hollow, and I live 200 km from JEFFERIES BAY!

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Potjiekos Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 1

Dude... you guys can surf in a lake. That's awesome...

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killz Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 1

Totally Lake Michigan. It very rarely gets like this but that is what it's known for. If it doesn't look like this, it's really not worth surfing, with the other "27 breaks" around. You can most definitely surf on the Great Lakes! www.greatlakessurfer.com www.glsmag.tumblr.com

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Shred Gein/Gnarly Davidson Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 1

Dead serious this was Lake Michigan and I am still pissed off that I got there too late and watched as the swell faded and the turkey trot run prevented access. Burton Will and Artem were killing it that day tho....

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asix Mar 16, 2011 Rating: -1

i've sat on teh beach in chicago i had no idea you could surd on the lake. there can't be many inland breaks?

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richnix Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 1

thing is... This day was rad! Burton, will, killz, gerard, bryan, etc! Us lakers were prould of our travels, predictions of forcast, and the spot and each others surfing in our unique setup! A few waves 3 ft overhead, and solid, breaking in a few ft of water... These waves were fun reguardless of anyones normal spot, thing is,this day was rad for surf sake in general! Ps. I believe that bouy issues are pretty minimal, butjust like anywhere... You have to use the prop board for the conditions. This day wanted a bbarrel oriented board, because the barrel was the only option after backdooring them.

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Avalanche Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 4

So how many fat people do have have to drop in to make a beaut like that???

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TheGames21 Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 0

how many days a year to the spots in the great lakes usually break like this?

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andrewalex3 Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 0

Last week we had three days like this south end of lake. Last spring every week. Freak summer days, not that many. Fall time it starts pretty consistent throughout winter( pending ice).

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doobie mcshitlips Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 7

edmund fitzgerald would go

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killz Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 0

best comment yet.

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Burton H Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 0

Like I said photo was taken by Mike Killion check out his website at www.greatlakessurfer.com Happy Surfing The Great Lakes Burton

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Jonny Conga Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 3

Just imagine never having to rinse your suit!

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sdfjkljklsh Mar 19, 2011 Rating: 0

yeah, I love the smell of my own piss too.

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SOME KID Mar 15, 2011 Rating: -1


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bali_trader Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 1

Gives a whole new meaning to "Ive surfed bigger ripples in a pond"

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DoAPooAndGambole Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 0

this is amazing. does anyone know about surfing hudson bay? its way bigger than the great lakes! also, do you have to get a slightly bigger board because of the less floaty water??

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dmeis Mar 17, 2011 Rating: -1

Hudson Bay would be awesome, but its an incredible long trek and basically uninhabited. You'd need a plane with a ton of fuel.

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RobMachado Mar 16, 2011 Rating: -1

yep! its big but too shallow to get great but as usual I am just talking from word of mouth, it should be able to make some bombs

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kidderlidder Mar 15, 2011 Rating: -1

We get the same low salinity issue with the Severn Bore. You don't need a longer board, just one with 15-20% more bouyancy. People tend to use longboards because that's the easiest solution to find, although to be fair most of them use longboards because that's what they've been told is best. In reality they need the extra bouyancy far more than the extra length.

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19idga80 Mar 15, 2011 Rating: -1

you get about a 5 day window in august when it is not frozen solid.

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LeBigKahuna Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 1

thats a very technical term, haha, "less floaty water". but yeh! i was wondering the same thing!

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Nemesis Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 2

What sort of bottom are these waves breaking over?

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david puddy Mar 17, 2011 Rating: 1

spitefully discarded cubs hats

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Burton H Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 0

Limestone rock bottom

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Coelacanth Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 10

Wiseguys from Chi-town in cement shoes.

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tjo Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 6

Lake bottom

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mikejpierre Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 0

lake superior gets pretty good too

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railman88 Dec 19, 2011 Rating: 0

this is sheboygan WI on the west side of lake michigan, but yeah superior gets great waves

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Kaptain Kook Mar 16, 2011 Rating: 3

Hey, Mitch, its obvious Mitchigan is superior, If Superior has superior waves then why is there a picture of a superior wave at Michigan and not at Superior?

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ThomasBarnard94 Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 0

Heavy barrel !

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Schweizer Surfboards Mar 15, 2011 Rating: 7

Low sodium surf.