Johan Liebenberg's photo of Durban

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Spot Location: South Africa > South Africa > Durban

Date Taken: 28th May 2011. 19963 page views since 1st June 2011.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
9.5ft 10s 146.89° 1.7ft 15s   3 5 mph Mostly Sunny 64°f
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wha wha? Jun 10, 2011 Rating: 0

Fuck this new tow in into paddable waves trend...

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cyberfish Jun 6, 2011 Rating: 1

Quite a few of the comments so far question whether maybe this pic was the best wave of the day (implying it was fairly shite) or that the surf was so hectic that paddlers couldn't get out. Why not scroll down under the picture to "Related Photos" then to *More from Durban* and navigate back over the last 3 pages and you will see some seriously impressive waves replete with guys paddling onto waves and yes, spongers too - doing some pretty wierd shit. Check it out!

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inswano Jun 6, 2011 Rating: 2

I watched these ous towing in for a while and was wondering what the fuck they were actually doing because they were screwing around, maybe they were practising or something because the really did suck. Ous paddling were getting better waves anyway. I made the paddle out twice along with the 500000 other people in the line-up, and the rip wasnt that heavy... I dont have a problem with towing, just as long as they dont hustle me and chop my waves up, then i couldnt give a shit

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Sunspot Jun 6, 2011 Rating: 0

exactly! the only time towers should get bad press is if they're snaking paddlers or messing up the line-up. no doubt locals and experienced surfers who know the banks, rips etc paddle these conditions no probs, but most of the whingers on these pages wouldn't las five minutes, yet they've got the biggest mouths ripping into towers

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greggybread Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 2

Why so many haters here. He's on a board on a wave doing something we all love....does it really matter how he got there FFS

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evanalmighty234 Jun 6, 2011 Rating: 2

yeah! and its a decent wave too so congrats man its a great shot and nice riding

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evanalmighty234 Jun 5, 2011 Rating: -3


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shamby Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 2

Think the about this photo info says it all. Be the first user to add this photo to their favourites. Viewed 12062 times since 1/6/11

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Gazza Milla Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 3


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---Gman--- Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 4

who gives a shit if he towed in, get a grip haters.. probably loadsa fun!!!

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casual observer Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 0

(last question aimed at Sunspot )

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Trident Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 2


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evanalmighty234 Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 1

hey dont hate it probabally wasnt a good day and that was the best one and someone took a pic. its probabally better than the ones any of you haters have been on

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Cold Water Surfer Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 1

Worst photo of the day ever - look at the ratings. AND ITS ON THE HOME PAGE FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!! What waste of bandwidth, must have been a real quite upload day at MSW Towers.

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joe7487 Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 0

I agree it's a waste of time towing-in on this, but most of those guys practice on smaller/forgiving waves before they hit the big stuff. Still not sure why it's POD though!?

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GonzoFear Jun 4, 2011 Rating: -2

Nice, ZA been cooking the past week or so. HUGE storm swell but alas in CT we can't hit it up in frigging board shorts. Lucky bastards! Do me the honor of checking out my humble column, just a few minutes of your time. NO CASH INVOLVED JUST WORDS ON "PAPER" REGARDING OUR FAVORITE PASTIME! http://www.capetownalive.co.za/search/most-popular/Page-1-20.html?searchphrase=exact&searchword=Aquatic+Fanatic&view=search

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bali_trader Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 3

I dont think he towed in, i think he's part goat and has hoofs for feet.

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nicaragua365.com Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 4

I've deleted better photos than that, waste of disc space. How can this possibly be POD???

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Sunspot Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 4

I'd like to see any one of you wannabe 'old skool' whingeing dipsticks paddle out here on a day like this, hold position and paddle into just one of these waves, never mind two, you're full of shit. Don't much care for the pic but the comments here suck - it's all about fun, looks like he's having some.

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rob9095 Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 4

towing in takes all the challenge away, but I would do it in a heart beat fuck paddling around

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Tony Chaney Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -1

i would only do that shit if i was drunk

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Kays-Aways-From-Wayvs Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

The currents are heavy here when it gets over 10ft, bit of a lus paddling your balls off just to stay in position.

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chachi Jun 6, 2011 Rating: 0

lol, if you were a little smarter you'd know how stupid you really are.

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mindthesurf Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 2

your just angry cuz you live in nova scotia where you get to surf only 3 days out of the year....STOP HATING

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chachi Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -2

Oh, so he's fat AND lazy. Good for him!

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doobie mcshitlips Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

i like towing in.

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trevp28 Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -3

Maybe with it being in durban the sharks are lurking underneath and this guy is too scared to paddle. never-the-less a total waste of fuel...

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Danno88 Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 1

Potjiekos, I was also out that day - at New Pier - amongst the other 50 or so other people.....paddling. It was big but it wasn't OMG big that day. Thought the towing was a bit lame, especially considering Umtloti was twice that size with Ricky Basnett and Dan Redman paddling into bombs there.

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Potjiekos Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 2

I'll give all the negativity one thing; this photo doesn't tell the true story of what was going on that day and makes this wave look a lot more rideable than it really was. Pros have that way of making it look easy so that fat-arsed bystanders can entertain themselves by commenting about how to do it better. That's why they're paid for their sport and the rest of us are paid to shovel shit. A few shots straight off of New Pier might have painted a better picture.

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Potjiekos Jun 4, 2011 Rating: -3

Francois: correct. I did paddle out that day, jumped off of New Pier. I was the only guy I saw paddling, no one could get to the backline without a jetski with the rip tide being that strong, had to give it a go though. How the hell I thought I was going to drop into the closeouts firing away was another matter, guess we just have to leave those thoughts for when we make it out. Trev: for a saffer you surprisingly know stuff all about Durban or sharks or big wave surfing. Durban by no means has consistent big wave spots, but we do have the occasional closeout that can't be paddled into on such a day, and we did produce Twiggy Baker, and when guys like him are at home it's a priviledge to get such gnarly surf at home. You probably haven't heard of him though I'm thinking. Stick to blogging buddy, I'm sure you'll stand up one day.

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Francois Bouwer Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 1

It's a beach break. To paddle from the pier would be suicide on some days. It can break very far out behind the pier when it gets this big. I'm thinking it might have been a gnarly paddle and to far out to consider without a jetski.

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Baboon Barrels Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 1

He's not wearing a life Jacket, He's just fat....maybe that's why he's getting towed in too??

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chachi Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

That was the only thing i could think of to possibly justify getting towed into that. But why is he wearing a lifejacket?!?!? Not photo of the day, more like joke of the day. The pic of the guy that paddled into the bomb at Las Flores is much more deserving of photo of the day

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deadbolt Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -1


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Sunspot Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 2

Give it a go and then judge. Sitting in your cosy little room with your high hat attitude doesn't cut it mate. It's called fun, try it some time.

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Barrel Cracka Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -2

booooo negative 5000000 points....game over

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felixthehousecat Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

the fuck?!

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jfalvey Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 5

no offence to the photog or anything but how is this shot photo of the day??

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Tony Chaney Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 3

He got towed into that??? Any good excuse?

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Wincy Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 35

and mum bought me a jetski and a tow board and a wetty top aaaand a personal floatation device and new boardies, and she took me to the beach and towed me into a wave! and all of the other surfers were so jealous because i had all of these things and they had to paddle.

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Coelacanth Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 0

Thank you Wincy...No one tells stories better.+1

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Soopakook Jun 5, 2011 Rating: 0

Yeah (not so) casual observer, and you'd know all about what easily paddleable waves are (having surfed this spot yourself no doubt) being the British surfer hero who's biggest wave has probably been a 2 foot bomb with your worst ever hold down by your baby sister in the bath when you were 3 lol. Go surf kook. PS Retard means backward, jet-ski's are evolutionary (meaning forward), so who's the retard??

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doobie mcshitlips Jun 5, 2011 Rating: -2

maybe it was a 2012 honda solar powered electric jet ski available, at select honda retailers worldwide, created just for towing in. they work cuz you only use em when its sunny and theres a battery in there somewhere.and they are painted green so they're green also.

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sdfjkljklsh Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 2

You're doing it, casual observer. You are actively participating. Time for a name change...

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the vanity project Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 2

I had a really funny retort for you mate but my arms are too noodled from all this gnarly typing

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casual observer Jun 4, 2011 Rating: -2

kooks getting towed into EASILY paddleable waves by noisy, dirty polluting jet ski's is not going to appeal to any surfer with half a heart and a bit of soul, and only a retard / Tory numbskull could think it was about jealously over money - which are you ?

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the vanity project Jun 4, 2011 Rating: -1

Anyone who thinks that typing a few words on a surf forum equals ‘expending a lot of energy’ then they are probably a closet tow-in fan themselves.

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the vanity project Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 0

Anyone who thinks that typing 6 words into a text box on a surf forum equals ‘expending a lot of energy’ then they are probably a closet tow-in fan themselves. Paddling into a wave must be the equivalent of typing at least 30 or 40 words. I have a new found respect for office working weekend warriors now.

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Sunspot Jun 4, 2011 Rating: 2

Never towed into a wave and probably never will, and you're right, most of these whingers have probably never tried it, have only ever paddled, got no idea how much fun can be had, and jealous of the fact that they could never afford the luxury to find out, so if they can't have it, no one can. So go paddle...

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casual observer Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -2

I think widedespread derison might be closer to the mark, sour grapes would imply some jealously / envy on people's part that they werent getting towed into 7 ft waves - you seem to have expended a lot of energy on defending this dude, do you like a bit of mid size wave tow in yourself by any chance ? not a fan of paddling ? do tell...

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Sunspot Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -1

so, sour grapes all round then!?

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Sunspot Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

so, sour grapes all round then!? whatever happened to fun.

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Inglorious Landlocked Basterd Jun 3, 2011 Rating: 0

here's another spoiled child but it's far worse than the present POD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjc6edWO24E

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Harv Jun 3, 2011 Rating: -1

Agree. This is just silly.