3rd World Dog's photo of Aluhi Bay

This guy is just hoping to reach the channel to escape the wave outback!

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Aluhi Bay

Spot Location: Hawaii > Maui > Aluhi Bay

Date Taken: 31st August 2011. 46425 page views since 2nd September 2011.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
3.5ft 18s 186.84° 3.5ft 14s   17 20 mph Clear 78°f
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bravegoat Sep 5, 2011 Rating: -4

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gc-msw Sep 6, 2011 Rating: 2

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soutie Sep 6, 2011 Rating: 4

i havnt a clue as to what you are on about, but i think you might have the wrong web site.

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doobie mcshitlips Sep 3, 2011 Rating: -100

blue hawaii

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Balthazar Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 0

the one who drops out's gonna take a huge set on the head

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Dropin73 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 8

I have analysed the photo,the wave direction, the colour, who's catching the wave and who's dropping in, even the guys paddling out and the only conclusion i could come up with is that they're all for one hell of a rinse cycle.

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Monkeyun Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 27

You have it mate I'll get the next one... oh.

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Francois Bouwer Sep 2, 2011 Rating: -5

I so wouldn't do that in Hawaii. If that guy on the inside is a local I wouldn't be paddling back out, but finding another surf spot.

soutie's avatar

soutie Sep 4, 2011 Rating: -1

i wouldnt talk like you with the "i so wouldnt do that" upchuck.

jbrandeis's avatar

jbrandeis Sep 2, 2011 Rating: -4

Assuming this wave is going left, does anyone else see this as an UGLY drop-in?

sniperpaddy's avatar

sniperpaddy Sep 6, 2011 Rating: 3

I think you meant that the wave behind is going RIGHT. It's always with reference to the surfer's point of view, not the landlubbers :)

Martin Hughes's avatar

Martin Hughes Sep 3, 2011 Rating: 0


SurfsnowSkatewake's avatar

SurfsnowSkatewake Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 2

The Wave behind it is going left, its like an illusion

jbrandeis's avatar

jbrandeis Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 0

Assuming this wave is going left, does anyone else see this as a total drop-in?

7's avatar

7 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 0

Hell, you could just hold your board up and kite over the incoming white water.

jbrandeis's avatar

jbrandeis Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 0

Does anyone else see this as a total drop-in?

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labrat Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 4

that water is insane!!! is it always like that?

mikenokaoi's avatar

mikenokaoi Oct 3, 2011 Rating: 0

The water is always that color, yes. Is it always that shallow, yes. Is it always that big? We had 2 days in the summer where it was macking like that

DirtyMomma Hendry's avatar

DirtyMomma Hendry Sep 7, 2011 Rating: -1

Brahahaha.....very cute, thanks for sharing. Hang in there Braw (meaning brother in surfer slang) :)

Coelacanth's avatar

Coelacanth Sep 7, 2011 Rating: 2

These kids keep changing the meanings of words on me...Won't 'insane' lose it's punch now?...Like awesome?...And don't even get me started on 'sick'. A number of years ago...I showed a young female surfer friend of mine a surfboard I had re-shaped & re-glassed...and put a bit of effort into(but I really shouldn't have...it totally sucked when I tried it out...totally!). She said it was 'sick'...and THAT hurt my feelings. True story. Well...the hurt feelings part was only partly true. A buddy of mine explained to me that 'sick' was now a good thing...and not some criticism of ME. ;^)

soutie's avatar

soutie Sep 6, 2011 Rating: 2

yes, until they find a cure for water insanity.

spongecam's avatar

spongecam Sep 3, 2011 Rating: 3

obviously its a "photograph" they can't lie, its like asking; why is the sky bl..purple?

ceo617's avatar

ceo617 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 3

its..its so...BLUEEEEEEEEE!

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mcoto800 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: -1


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ElliottG32250 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 6

The guy who caught this wave is the only one who isnt about to get pounded by that cleanup rolling in.

Arctic10101's avatar

Arctic10101 Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 16

Had to put sunglasses on to wiew this pic.

ciar4n's avatar

ciar4n Sep 2, 2011 Rating: 0

and there was me thumping the side of the monitor thinkin my colours were all funked