f1roo's photo of Sennen

lee william and charlie thompson get nailed after the big boy storm

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Spot Location: UK + Ireland > England > Sennen

Date Taken: 16th January 2008. 43793 page views since 22nd January 2008.

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NYsurfer13 Jan 7, 2010 Rating: 0

did u take this pic?? cause its on google

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Bodyboard AUS Jun 21, 2009 Rating: 0


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Scott Jun 13, 2009 Rating: -1

Someone hit a depth charge lol

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diomi Jun 6, 2009 Rating: 0

That's gonna Huurt..

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sambo56 Jan 29, 2009 Rating: 0

so....did he make it?

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Sir Surfalot Jan 24, 2009 Rating: 0

no way that's real! looks like a bomb went off!

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CrisisSurfer Jan 16, 2009 Rating: -25

Could this be a laxative ad?

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attic6 Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 8

bounced around like a bunny...

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the vanity project Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 5

Turned out nice again! It looks like there are still a few World War 2 sea mines kickin about out there. Still, what a way to go.

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BLUE SUSHI Nov 22, 2008 Rating: -3

does he have any last thoughts

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Suckyripfuked Nov 11, 2008 Rating: -1

Its Kirmit the frog on a mini radio controlled powerboat

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Shauny_Salvo Nov 10, 2008 Rating: -3

this guy is 100% screwed!! wipeout central! haha good luck 2 u pal

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The Lookout Croyde Nov 6, 2008 Rating: -1

I really don't care about the pointless sponger v stand-up debates...this is simply one of the best surf photos I have seen on MSW, if not anywhere. Great job, a great moment brilliantly captured.

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chma Oct 28, 2008 Rating: -1

the second guy must of exploded behind him. bang!

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Stingray...Stingray! Oct 23, 2008 Rating: 1

why is everyone slagg'n spongers? how would you all like it if you were born like that, huh! huh!

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Benny Blades Oct 14, 2008 Rating: -7

That's the only wave you spongers can have!

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Anth Oct 4, 2008 Rating: -2

now he would be an idiot if he was a surfer but on bodyboard you can charge these and get so much good air, i was at cayton last night and was running at the beach breaks as they came in to get same effect, must of got air nearly everytime, class

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harveywallbanger Sep 16, 2008 Rating: 8

thats what happens when a whale sneezes

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matt* Aug 27, 2008 Rating: 2

to all u surfer idiots..half u guys are commenting on how you wouldnt even paddle out..much respect to this bro!!

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Sunam007 Aug 14, 2008 Rating: 2

Its always worth going out . Especially if ya can get air time like that !!!

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fence fowl Aug 13, 2008 Rating: 13

"WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING OUT IN THE SEA WHEN ITS LIKE THIS!" Answer: to surf the backwash mate = air time, one of the best things about being a sponger. The waves not even that big - its size is just amplified by the oncoming and rebounding waves meeting, and surfing in these conditions is not that dangerous.... go to towan beach every spring high tide and see what i mean.

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powergrooves Aug 8, 2008 Rating: 15


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rabatter Aug 6, 2008 Rating: 2

Bunch of idiots,

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surfville Aug 6, 2008 Rating: 12


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Andy Allison. Aug 3, 2008 Rating: 6

looks like 1 of the 2 never made it out by the looks of the body/wetsuit peices in the mist!!

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Sir Surfalot Aug 2, 2008 Rating: 14

sweet spongey sickness...taste the pain you sponge dogs!

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Jimmyg Jul 31, 2008 Rating: 28

Looks like someone was dynamite fishing...

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balisticmonkey Jul 27, 2008 Rating: 6

clubber lang whats your prediction for the fight.... "PAIN" GODS WAY OF SAYING WAVES ARE FOR SURFERS !!!

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phry Jul 26, 2008 Rating: 7

Let the punishment begin

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Eoins Jul 25, 2008 Rating: 14

hahahaha its a sponger...serves him rite

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SurfBenji Jul 24, 2008 Rating: -10

yeh, can't surf get out of the water!

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Grandma Lips Jul 7, 2008 Rating: 4

this is go ay of saying....WAVES ARE FOR SURFING

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Dumpy Jun 24, 2008 Rating: -2

No a windsurfer....same difference....probably a sponger coming behind him....

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Beardy Chris Jun 7, 2008 Rating: 31

Is that a frog in a washing machine?