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On 9th jan local boys had PASTA for lunch..

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Pasta Point

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Date Taken: 11th February 2008. 6163 page views since 11th February 2008.

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mafia Nov 11, 2011 Rating: 0

Yes that was a beautiful day. but guess what! We (locals) can't surf there anymore, or Lhohifushi (Lhohi's) and now it seems (when the resort is made)not even Kuda Villingilli (Chickens). Guess how many lefts remain in Nth Male atoll? Only Thamburudhoo (What you guys call Honky's). "Honky's" is always onshore during surf season. Which means all us locals (Plus all you surfers who come to live aboards/surfari boats) have got no lefts! Which leaves you (us) "Sultans", "Jails" and "Cokes". Lets say at a given time, during surf season, there are 8-10 live aboards, each carrying between 12-16 surfers (Or more), plus the guys who stay at the surf camp in "Cokes" and such, Plus all the 100s and 100s of surfers who come and stay in resorts (Dhonveli, Lhohi, Fullmoon, 4 seasons, Club Med or Kani, Club Faru, Bandos, Chickens [in the near future]...blah blah) all rocking to surf the offshore waves (ie, the rights), guess how many surfers you are gonna be surfing with? Don't come here!! Unless you support us to get rid the exclusivity rules that the resorts are enforcing. The government is controlled by these businessmen (resort owners and such) and they'll only listen to $$$$! which you bring here. So help us. It means more surf for YOU and us locals