Wayne Senteno (thesurfsanctuary)'s photo of Manzanillo

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Spot Location: Central America South > Nicaragua > Manzanillo

Date Taken: 8th May 2008. 14238 page views since 8th May 2008.

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doobie mcshitlips's avatar

doobie mcshitlips Mar 7, 2011 Rating: 0

id plant my face on that

frenchie_devon's avatar

frenchie_devon Jun 29, 2009 Rating: -1

woman fail

hardcore's avatar

hardcore Jan 11, 2009 Rating: 1

you are sapposed to drag your hand on the wave face not your face on the wave!

sean moody's avatar

sean moody Jul 21, 2008 Rating: 5

thats wat you get if you cross rugby with surfing

tommy c's avatar

tommy c Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 0

is that your mum?

surfersmurf's avatar

surfersmurf Jun 8, 2008 Rating: 1

Tommy C likes sex starved boys ;)

fj44's avatar

fj44 May 22, 2008 Rating: 9

Oh Tommy... don`t be a prude. It`s a great shot (thanks Wayne). Good action, good little wave, and a nice bum shot too! How can that be "pathetic" ?

Binger Photo's avatar

Binger Photo May 14, 2008 Rating: 1

I'd say its more populated by surfers, rather than "sex starved boys"

nelch's avatar

nelch May 14, 2008 Rating: 8

im sure that there are better websites for "sex starved boys" to visit to be honest, maybe you know a few tommy

jake dalton's avatar

jake dalton May 14, 2008 Rating: 1

Which is why you're here Tommy?

tommy c's avatar

tommy c May 14, 2008 Rating: -9

magicseaweed is populated by sex-starved boys with who obviously should get out and talk/get-it-on with girls more. pathetic.

sa's avatar

sa May 8, 2008 Rating: 8

sweet faceplant