Ricardo Cufi's photo of Peahi - Jaws

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Peahi - Jaws

Spot Location: Hawaii > Maui > Peahi - Jaws

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ShReDtheGnAr.'s avatar

ShReDtheGnAr. Mar 4, 2010 Rating: -1

Wtf are yall lookin at?? cearly hes been in contact with the water the whole time...yes im sure dont question me, look at his wake

sean moody's avatar

sean moody Jul 20, 2008 Rating: -5

oooooooohhh you can see how focused he is on makeing that wave coz if you go down you are going down big time

T-bird's avatar

T-bird Jan 28, 2010 Rating: 2

How do you know he's "just dropped in"? he may have just come off the top.

Francois Bouwer's avatar

Francois Bouwer Jan 5, 2010 Rating: 0

It's Laird, of coarse he is OK, he'll bail and still be ok. The guy is a nutcase.

surf like me's avatar

surf like me Mar 9, 2009 Rating: -2

lol thats so true, and he has only just dropped in.. with foot straps.. i dont get how he has done that? and i dont know why he has done it when its already broke next to him.. thats insane! Great shot.. hope he was ok from that 10foot free fall he faces..