Newquay's Finest's photo of Newquay - Fistral North

Artificial reef for Newquay? - definately a good idea!!

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Newquay - Fistral North

Spot Location: UK + Ireland > England > Newquay - Fistral North

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diggler Nov 7, 2008 Rating: 0

well there are waves like this on the right day. just not in tacky town. got to go a bit futher south. about 45 min and where you see the pasty sign turn right go past the farmers barn and walk over the field passed the cheer blosom tree. he who saves the secret spot saves the world. suckers

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DanielGrant Jul 9, 2008 Rating: 0

Haha yeah very true

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Knowlesy8 Jun 26, 2008 Rating: 2

class! even if we did get those waves you could never get rid of the fat scouser with union jack bordies...

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diggler May 21, 2008 Rating: -2

when its 10.5m on the wave bouys and the wind is no more than 20knts s/se theres a place 1hr and a touch north that breaks like this.if you hit bude you gone to far

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backwoodsjamie May 21, 2008 Rating: -3

haha yeh its fake everyone but a definate yes if a reef is gonna do that to towan.. would be pretty gnarr with the cliff so close.. im uo for that as well :D

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henbot May 21, 2008 Rating: 0

lol wow, the banks must getting good again lately!

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Wayne Burns May 21, 2008 Rating: 0

Had to look twice!! this towan? To many people would be trying to ride it and the local groms would continually drop in on everyone!!

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paulsn May 19, 2008 Rating: 0

Best photoshop pic, of proposed reef, i've seen. Excellent!!

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AliT10 May 17, 2008 Rating: 0

i wish fistral really was that good

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laurens91 May 17, 2008 Rating: 0

how can this have not been a good idea??? really annoyed this never went through

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Geoff Tydeman May 16, 2008 Rating: 0

Nice composite image. Wish it broke like that for REAL!!

Newquay's Finest's avatar

Newquay's Finest May 16, 2008 Rating: 0

yeah I know.. but gotta admit if we had waves this good in Newquay Bay everyone would be stoked!!

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Greg Noll is a god May 16, 2008 Rating: -4