Andy Pearson's photo of Sennen

Basking Shark taken about 500m offshore from surf zone-May 2008

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Spot Location: UK + Ireland > England > Sennen

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Rolandcross Oct 25, 2010 Rating: 0

impressive rare shot, seriously..props for having the balls to swim in front of that behemoth while its mouth is open. awesome : D

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RayAltmann Oct 21, 2009 Rating: 2

That would be a bit scary to look down and see that coming your way.

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alexalex Feb 9, 2009 Rating: 0

deep throat, anyone?!?!?!

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harveywallbanger Sep 17, 2008 Rating: 1

Kiwi John wins this one too

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sean moody Jul 28, 2008 Rating: 0

point and laugh

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Kernow Onen Hag Oll Jul 12, 2008 Rating: 0

See a lot of them from June-September especially on the South Coast. Beautiful graceful creatures.

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Desade Jul 12, 2008 Rating: 3

Beautiful Remember to report your basking shark sightings alive or dead to the Marine Conservation Society. http://www.mcsuk.org/marineworld/sightings_report Remarkably little is known about these amazing ceatures. Great Shot Andy :)

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Kiwi John Jun 24, 2008 Rating: 3

With a fucking massive pair of pliers, and "they" are the Umpa Lumpa Underwater Dentistry Team who are funded by the Royal Navy and Kwik Fit......................Hope this answers your question Mr Poo.

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Kiwi John Jun 24, 2008 Rating: 10

With a fucking massive pair of pliers, and "they" are the Umpa Lumpa Underwater Dentistry Team who are funded by Royal Navy and Kwik Fit. Hope this answers your question Mr Poo.

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Sunam007 Jun 24, 2008 Rating: 6

Basking Sharks Eat Plankton . There harmless

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mr poo Jun 24, 2008 Rating: 0

how did they remove the teeth?

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surfkid11 Dec 7, 2010 Rating: 0

this type of shark doesnt have "teeth", their teeth are more like sandpaper.

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surfville Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 38

..........theres a gd boy, open nice and wide an eat all ur tea, then you'll b aloud 2 go out and play later!!!

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Des Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 1

Great photo. Get loads of them in Cape Town. Still scares you when they pop up!

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pinkstar Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 2

i'm qutie shocked how many people do not know what a basking shark is!! they are awesome! super gentle, quite shy and don't eat us!! there are usually quite a few in cornwall during the summer! :)!

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Cen92 Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 1

How could it eat you?look in its mouth NO Teeth think it eats seaweed?

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xl photography Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 9

!!!WARNING!!! stay away from the south west this summer! these sharks can kill* and if you do come down whatever you do dont go in the water! you have been warned._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________*plankton

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Amonra Jun 21, 2008 Rating: 6

Crikey its big gentle, non aggressive and feeds on Plankton! lol you should tickle it on the chin! :)

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ThE_SeeKeR Jun 21, 2008 Rating: -4

if u go in their mouth as could happen since its so big do they spit or swallow?

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Wing Nut Jun 21, 2008 Rating: 1

I've managed to get to with 10ft of one of these at Sennen on a kayak. Just went for a paddle and it came up to me and even though you know you're safe, when something that big comes up to you, your heart skips a beat!

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BuzyG Jun 21, 2008 Rating: -3

Cornwall is definately not English, despite the geographical location. Tried swimming after a couple of these, at Constantine, a few years back but they just bimbeld off, faster than I could manage. Great pic.

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surfer99 Jun 21, 2008 Rating: 0

basking shark?

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georgie283 Jun 20, 2008 Rating: -21

to kernowbysvyken, um isn't cornwall in england.....! i was merely remarkin that i didnt no we had such big fish in this country!

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Stuart Wright Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 3

Oh wow would love to see one of these. All my years going to the south west and I have never seen one.

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drewnicki2 Jun 20, 2008 Rating: -2

Man im goin surfing there for the summer, really really bad timing to be howing me this. I am gonna crap myself :)

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Dicer Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 0


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kernowbysvyken Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 2

To whoever said 'this is in England', no it's in Cornwall. Basking sharks and dolphins are great for clearing emmets from the line up as they see a grey fin and straight away think of great whites.

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mr poo Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 1

did it eat you after you took the shot?

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0TT0 Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 5

Thats mental lol. Shudda hitched a ride

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surfmonkey23 Jun 20, 2008 Rating: -1

Great photo. Seals make me jump when they pop up beside me, I think if I saw that I'd need to rinse my suit!

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STEVEN Y Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 0

there goes the lineup

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vaiders Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 0

Awesome photo Andy! Total respect to you for getting so close to the action!!!

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slash Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 0

some kind of zoom lense or were you that close to the thing?

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Floating Signifier Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 1

He's big, he's strong, and he can't keep his mouth shut. Get him on the BSA's executive NOW!

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Andy Pearson Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 1

Hi Ryan, it was taken with a Nikon D60 SLR camera with underwater housing.

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Ryan W Jun 20, 2008 Rating: 5

Awesome Pic Andy, could I ask what camera you took this with? Thanks

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Rory O'Dowd Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 2

thats a sick photo!its wierd cuz one v those guys got washed up n a reef bside my local break,hes massive and is decaying nicely with a smell

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Scott Bishop Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 5

I was wondering were the number 3 jet engine from the old Boeing-707 fell off to.

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alis bedell Jun 19, 2008 Rating: -1

fuck me!!!

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Andy Pearson Jun 19, 2008 Rating: -1

Yeah it was taken inside Sennen Cove on the 30th of May, there were a couple of sharks swimming around the bay all day within easy paddle distance of the surf!

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Alex Ganley Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 0

Dude nice, so just wondering where is it taken? if its not a secret spot.

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RussH Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 3

its well cool surfing over at sennen with them

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MattLat Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 0

These guys are really cool and gentle the only danger a diver has is accidentally being swallowed buy its vacuum mouth, a diver could easily fit inside

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georgie283 Jun 19, 2008 Rating: -4

This is in ENGLAND?? i thought we didn't get things like this! what even is it

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Coldfish Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 0

Thats one pit I wouldnae want to get slotted in...

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Kiwi John Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 4


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Kiwi John Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1


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hurley891 Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1

Gentle Giants of the sea.........but I still agree I would crap in my suit if I was in the line up and this brushed past my leg!!!!

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Mcdaddy Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1

one way to clear out the line up, shame a few of these dont show up on a bank holiday weekend

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Brendan Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1


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liam-ross Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 6

that is nuts....

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Bud Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1

I know these things dont eat humans but if one was swimming towards me I would shit in my wetsuit!

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MrEoghan Jun 19, 2008 Rating: 1

holly molly