jcgrief's photo of Kovalam

Kovalum Beach. South west tip of India. First shots of pre-monsoon surf. Lifeguards are being difficult. They will not allow anyone to surf.

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Spot Location: India > Kerela > Kovalam

Date Taken: 13th June 2008. 6038 page views since 21st June 2008.

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baked bean Feb 16, 2009 Rating: 8

Anyother good breaks around the kovalam area?

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jcgrief Jul 11, 2009 Rating: -1

There's breaks all along the coastline. My top ones are Lighthouse of course, then Leela Beach, Varkala, and Kanyakumari. But the coastline between these spots would be better for Body Boarding I think. Just a fast drop and pull into a barrel and very rarely ever making it out.

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mozsurfer Oct 23, 2008 Rating: 13

i love india and agree with the last post. its got such a huge coastline. i spent 8months cruising the west coast from mumbia down to kovalam and i was seeing and surfing so many breaks, some bad and some world class. the east coast from what i've been told is better. sooooo much to find! as the man below said you've got it all to yourself aswell. i used to have kids running from all directions to come and ask me how to surf when i got out, was very humbling. definatly a place i'm gonna surf again along with mozambique.

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jcgrief Sep 22, 2008 Rating: 19

I have to agree with the latest post. There is so many breaks here in India that is unexplored! I am a local of the Hawaiian Islands for 28 years which is known to share some of the best waves in the world. India has potential to actually become a spot for the world tour. The best thing abut India for any surfer who wants to tarvel here is that all the waves all yours! The locals here do not go into the water past their knees! so the line up is completely vacant. All yours! One and Only! You find yourself talking to yourself in the line up because no one else is there. As a Hawaiian Native and semi pro surfer in addition to to being a professional Skimboarder I will claim that India has great surf potential. I guess you can almost state that it is a hidden secret for solitude surf if that is what you are looking for. No BS and no one dropping in. You pick every wave you want without conflict! It is GREAT! I am an American living here now for 11 months and love every moment when I go to the beach. No competition for waves and you can choose to take the best wave of every set that you want. Let me know if yu are interested in visiting. I can give you some helpful advise for the Southern Tip Region which is Kovalum. I will be more then happy to reply to any of your questions. Strength and Honor... Hooyah!

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mozsurfer Aug 15, 2008 Rating: 38

i bagged this wave and many others around kovalam. the left hander by the light house was blinding!!! sooo muchmore to find in india!!

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orson Jun 23, 2008 Rating: 48

Kovalam is stamped on the Weed atlas at last. I went down there in "87" on a stoner vacation not expecting to come into any contact with any surf. It was lucky my lungs had been in training for some vast tokes off the chillum bowl, I had know idea i'd soon be duck diving under tropical crystal blue walls. Staring back at me off the palm grove semi undiscovered beach front was a killer and pretty consistent break, The right hander off the rocks under the shadow of a picturesque light house, can only be described as orgasmic to red glazed chillaxing surfer squints, especially the sunset sessions... My stay was back in the day, so i have no idea of what the tourist situation is like now, but for that few weeks Kovalam totally etched itself into my memory's oceanic excellent vibe guide.