Sunshine Surf Safari's photo of Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach

Spot Location: Queensland > Queensland > Coolum Beach

Date Taken: . 9219 page views since 2nd September 2008.

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westmonster's avatar

westmonster Sep 8, 2008 Rating: 16

THERES A SURFER ON ONE OF THESE COOLIE WAVE PICS!!! Amazing! finally after all the stinkin coolie perfection going unridden in Green Room's pics I'm glad someone stepped up.

Freelancer's avatar

Freelancer Sep 8, 2008 Rating: 4

Oh wow,doesnt matter who you are ,or where you come from ,that is awesome.

paza's avatar

paza Sep 8, 2008 Rating: 14

after seeing that i'm home sick. dude you could sell dreams with that.

NJsurf9492's avatar

NJsurf9492 Sep 8, 2008 Rating: 17

about to get rapped in a nice coffee colored curtain!!!

Ben Tredinnick's avatar

Ben Tredinnick Sep 6, 2008 Rating: 15

no no no dont move from irelnd to coolm ireland is a lush place to live coolm gets so busy and hectic best of where you live and just go visit for a bit of that

jfalvey's avatar

jfalvey Sep 6, 2008 Rating: 18

dude commendations, serious commendations. your shots are absolutely class!! looking at waves like that makes me wanna sell everything i own here in ireland and move to coolum.

TheMilo's avatar

TheMilo Sep 6, 2008 Rating: 16

Seriously, if I was in the spot that this guy is in, on that wave, I'd have to get out and have a little lie down afterward - that looks soooo nice. I'm moving.

cjones's avatar

cjones Sep 6, 2008 Rating: 2

Is this really Sandilands on the Lincolnshire Coast? or is it Trusville...?