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Wow, the new swell hit a couple of days ago and we have scored epic waves here at Macaronis. As the swell started to pulse on Sunday it was still very raw making conditions a bit difficult but the guests have still managed to get their share. Sunday night lying in bed here at Macas Resort and hearing the constant sound of thunder hitting the reef we knew that Monday morning was going to be a pretty amazing day. And that it was, the guests scored 4-6ft waves with many crew left just watching waves go through that were that hollow they were nearly unrideable. 3-4 boats have been in the area but the crowd factor has never really come into play because the size and ‘oohh faaarrrk’ factor of the waves on offer. Yesterday winds started to come up from the South a bit before lunch time, so we then decided to hit Gila Mamas for the arvo sesh and scored 5-6ft clean waves with just Macas Resort guests out. Today’s conditions were similar, but probably a bit better quality. The swell had settled but still about 4-6ft and winds were light and variable making conditions perfect. The southerly picked up in the afternoon, so our guests did some snorkeling and canoeing in Macas lagoon. Tonight we are all sleeping aboard Indies Explorer, and are heading north as the swell has now started to drop and the crew is all keen to surf some different waves. And we should get some great waves over the next couple of days down south as well, so stay tuned for our next report later in the week. What a great way to end the trip, after surfing some epic Macaronis the past few days, a couple of days on Indies Explorer fishing and surfing different waves, before guests depart on Friday making way for the newcomers. Until the next report, hope your getting some. The Stickman

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