Mark and Dave's House: Nicaragua's photo of Manzanillo

Colorados - photo courtesy of Mark and Dave\'s House and Grant Ellis

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Spot Location: Central America South > Nicaragua > Manzanillo

Date Taken: . 13270 page views since 14th October 2008.

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st_ph_n Oct 20, 2008 Rating: 12

Heavy like a sumo wrestler

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bluemark Oct 19, 2008 Rating: -2

where in the world exactly is this spot??......it looks too good damnit!

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devildog1633310 Oct 19, 2008 Rating: 9

What you don't see is the 20 guys in the line up just past the break. Oh I'm sorry that's just here in the states.

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I-FUCKT-UR-MA Oct 18, 2008 Rating: 8


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Vinny... Oct 18, 2008 Rating: 11

SOLD! i'll have what he's having please

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wetcoast Oct 16, 2008 Rating: 11


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BLatimer Oct 16, 2008 Rating: 12

Looks sorta like "Corners" in Playa Hermosa, CR.

wils's avatar

wils Oct 16, 2008 Rating: 8

luv this!

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charly70 Oct 15, 2008 Rating: -1

nice wave i've been twice but in playa popoyo insane place next i 'll be check manzanillo

catfish's avatar

catfish Oct 15, 2008 Rating: 10

Looks like that wave has got a 'skinny' drum on it bru

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cloudyryan Oct 15, 2008 Rating: -3

i bet they took your hammock down to get the shot, they'll put it right back up

J's avatar

J Oct 15, 2008 Rating: 13

Great photo, who stole my hammock!

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road dog Oct 15, 2008 Rating: 2

that's heavy bru

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WA Oct 15, 2008 Rating: 8

all alone? cherish such moments!

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Rito Oct 14, 2008 Rating: 0