sUkya's photo of Juno Beach

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Juno Beach

Spot Location: Florida > Florida - East Coast > Juno Beach

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Dunnski Dec 10, 2008 Rating: 1

fish man. just swimmin with the current

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Mousey15 Dec 9, 2008 Rating: 1

this isnt a diving uper man compotion is it?

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Didier Dec 8, 2008 Rating: -1

he was going for the elusive superman fin grab move!

La's avatar

La Dec 8, 2008 Rating: -3

Kevin Costner is that terrible excuse for a movie called Waterworld comes to mind...

D.y.la.n.'s avatar

D.y.la.n. Dec 7, 2008 Rating: -2

Its David Hasselhoff!!!

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Dec 7, 2008 Rating: 1

burner you sad sad boy. you are but one more comment from becoming what you hate most...how did you put it...oh yeah..."SURFNERD".

Portpipe's avatar

Portpipe Dec 7, 2008 Rating: -2

florida has some of the best bodysurfers around, this guy is just showing off his aerial prowess

The Dizz's avatar

The Dizz Dec 7, 2008 Rating: -1

gotta love home and all the characters that come with it

locoparasurf's avatar

locoparasurf Dec 7, 2008 Rating: 0

houston, we have liftoff!

burner's avatar

burner Dec 6, 2008 Rating: -2

HAHAHA Is this SLATER ruling the spot he grew up in? 9x you da man. this looks like one of those rodeo clown moves.... am i right? just jokes we still love him squirl even if he does only go where the swells are eh westmonster..........

jc11's avatar

jc11 Dec 6, 2008 Rating: -2

sick picture

soutie's avatar

soutie Dec 6, 2008 Rating: 0

did he bail or was he bounced ?

Sir Surfalot's avatar

Sir Surfalot Dec 5, 2008 Rating: 2

flyin fishman...haha!

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Images by L.B. Dec 5, 2008 Rating: 0

Ejected from the game!