Sunshine Surf Safari's photo of Coolum Beach

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Coolum Beach

Spot Location: Queensland > Queensland > Coolum Beach

Date Taken: 4th December 2008. 11321 page views since 4th December 2008.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
0.8ft 9s 101.58° 2ft 4s 0.2ft 10s 8
Sunny 84°f
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mantis Dec 11, 2008 Rating: 10

Opal is correct. coolum is a nice quite beach community. It is not one of the more popular surf spots here in the southeast corner of queensland. mostly beach breaks so there are plenty of peaks to be had. and not the micks and joels you find more of down the coast. If you are not pro, it is one of the many spots I recommend for a stay. cool people with an easy going attitude. nice cafe's on the beach front and live music at night. (if you are pro, go do battle at snapper or burleigh)

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Jack Glick Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 14

I've never been to Coolum but Google Earth it...I did that yesterday and the beach-breaks seem to go for miles if I'm not mistaken, so I can't imagine it's too hard to find an un-ridden wave out there

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sqirl Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 13

Read the previous comment and then try to make a connection surf772. If smoke starts coming off the top of your head take a break and try again later.

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surf772 Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 14

squirl?????. why isnt anyone on that

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pearler Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 15

Yea its like the wave has TEETH man!

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chenson Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 19

here we go again, another phase of coolum photos with no one surfing. the shot is nice but why dont people surf there?

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sqirl Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 0

regular brushing and flossing is the best defense against cavities!

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mantis Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 15

i cant figure out how that cavity got in the middle. almost like you have molded marshmallows.

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mantis Dec 8, 2008 Rating: -2

done it again greenroom. mesmerizing shot.

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paza Dec 8, 2008 Rating: -3

beautiful pic dude! that would be a good pic for gaviscon i reckon. lol

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Jack Glick Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 15

backwash like those pics lex posted from manresa in cali? this week's the first time I've seen pics of waves like that, impressive though

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dylant79 Dec 8, 2008 Rating: 14

WTF?? don't like that...

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IndoOutdo Dec 7, 2008 Rating: -2

why are there parts like breaking out. it looks like as if there were some particular parts that make the wave break earlier in some areas

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wooly Dec 7, 2008 Rating: 13

Whoo,thats like totally sick dude.