bruce carnegie's photo of Jersey

mr yellow helmet feeling the chill at gorey

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Date Taken: 28th December 2008. 18595 page views since 1st January 2009.

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2.5ft 3s 82.96°     20
Clear 35°f
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sqirl Jan 8, 2009 Rating: 0

I like my surfing with no strings attached! Kind of like JC (AKA AL)the surfboard likes his one nighters with sponges!

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Meunchkkleeerrr III Jan 8, 2009 Rating: 11

took me a few seconds to work this one out - very original, love it. Please just dont do an air over my head when im in the lineup cos its rude & stupid!!

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Didier Jan 7, 2009 Rating: -4

Dont Hassel the Hoff!!

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sqirl Jan 7, 2009 Rating: 1

As chairman of the pervo comittee I here by promote you to the level of deputy perv after that comment. Of course this will have to be approved by the founding father Mcnamara. I think he is at a David Hasselohoff concert so it may be a while before it is made official.

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Tewyn X Jan 7, 2009 Rating: -1

zzzzZZZzz....Hnuh? Thanks Squirl, I was dreaming of Kites and Kayaks and Windsurfers, Spongers and Resins....we were all making sweet love to each other....and you were there, and you were there...and it was horrible.. Right. page 32.. the cross-your-heart range. tug tug

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sqirl Jan 7, 2009 Rating: -2

tewyn......Tewyn.......TEWYN! Wake up its time.

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Kiwi John Jan 7, 2009 Rating: 0

the "Next" spring/summer catologue should be out soon!

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Tewyn X Jan 7, 2009 Rating: -2

zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....wake me when its time to jack off over the Freemans catalogue.

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sqirl Jan 7, 2009 Rating: 0

what? You trying to start a fight or something? Well c'mon punk lets dance!

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a11yrp Jan 7, 2009 Rating: 2

Well-said Bruce! Best to make the most of the ocean, and have as much fun with it as possible! As for all the people who want to fight because some one got in they’re way slightly or whatever, I am guessing you all had to learn at sum point! Any one who has a fight over surfing should be shot! It’s pathetic; if you want to surf, surf. And if you want a fight, go to the city and give yourself a challenge and stop trying to ruin other people’s day at the ocean!!

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sqirl Jan 6, 2009 Rating: -2

soutie I would think you would at least learn the very basics before going to sea! Have you ever seen a phantom bubble pop to the surface on a glassy day....well, it was a fish fart.

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soutie Jan 6, 2009 Rating: 0

i wonder if fishes fart

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Shorey Jan 6, 2009 Rating: 5

Amazing how its always standups hating on everyone.

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SurfingPickle Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 13

Pro angle, very nice, cool water. And all you guys being unbroly take the pine-cone out of your ass and go surf. Or if you want to feel "BA" and say that you hate kiters or whatever than go make stupid comments on one of those avatar sites...they make some perfect ones for people like you. MSW has surf reports, not surfboarding reports. As long as they don't run me over it's all good.

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Easily:HyPn0tiZ3d Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 0

I still say get a kite boarding website

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sqirl Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 1

only because i didnt post a comment.....wankers.

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sqirl Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 0

only because i didnt post a comment.....wankers.

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harveywallbanger Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 1

And KiwiJ takes it, followed by moonface and Soutie

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harveywallbanger Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 1

if it was video and the water was clearer itd be cool to see what sort of marine life lurks in the shallows, imagine reviewing it later and seeing some shadows trailing you... ....actually....... scratch that, best not to know..

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mantis Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 4

very nicely said bruce. I think you sumed up what most of us feel but sometimes forget.

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Kiwi John Jan 4, 2009 Rating: -2

Bruce, your not only a kite surfer but your also like the Oracle in The Matrix.......there is no spoon!

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pearler Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 9

Its good to know that there are some open minded people out there on the water. I have surfed for years too- long, mal and short. And I have a Canadian canoe. And I like to Kyak. I even like fishing. At least I know I'll get beaten up by someone! Fab shot by-the-way. Havn't tried kiting yet but if I get the chance.......

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bruce carnegie Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 5

over 10,000 hits and 100 votes ... i can't believe it, i'm stoked! it's great to think that my little corner of the world has been checked out by people across the globe. thanks everyone who hit on the photo, and thanks to everyone who voted. i never thought i would get that big a result. nice. and thanks to all who commented in a good way about kitesurfing ... i have surfed for over 25 years ... shortboard, longboard, sponger ... the lot, and to me going out kiting on the sea is just part of the bigger picture of loving the ocean, nature and the stoke that connects us all. We're surfers ... the world envies us for our choice and ability ... get in the water as often as you can, by any means necessary, and your life will be better.

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soutie Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 3

i would have thought it best to find out the very basics before going in the sea.

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Dog Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 9

Hey guys, what a great shot! Can i ask for some advise of all you kiteys out there... ? Well for christmas i asked santa for a new kite and kite board, and santa did deliver the goods! The thing is now though is, i tried to take it for a session yesterday for the first time and the first problem i had was that i got beaten up in the car park by other Kiteys... why would they do that, i thought surfers beat up kiteys not kiteys beat up kiteys its like cannibalism! but after gathering my stuff again, i wandered into the sea with my kite and board and to be honest i picked it up easily, until i fell over about a mile out to sea ... for a fgew hours i tried sorting it out, but the kite got wet and sunk ... so i am just wandering if fellow kiteys could just answer my question of how do you recover from falling over and stop losing your kite if you are not holding onto it?

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bones&cherries Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 9

All those kite haters need to get over yourselves. The sea is inconsistent and doesn't always deliver the goods for a good surf. So instead of wallowing in slopy onshore conditions, go for a kite and have some real fun.

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Mike Jan 4, 2009 Rating: 2

Cool. Kite Aerial Photography is something I experimented with as a hobby. Never thought to try it with a kite board tho. Very original.

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russbooger Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -2

Nice shot. Can't see everyone's problems with kitesurfing, but then they do all tend to congregate around Poole harbour here though. Still, cool pic, glad to see the usual friendly banter!

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Dropin73 Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 0

Cool shot. Don't know why people are against kites. No one would moan at Laird Hamilton for using a jetski to get enough speed up to surf. It's just another vehicle for wave riding. If they got a kite it means another person not in the usually already crowded line-up.

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jackneale Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

ok im a surfer and prowd to be one i think that every1 has a rite to the sea wether they be kiters surfers or spongers even jet skiers no one can claim the sea as ther own....of cours ther are some fuckers out ther who think that they own the ocean. and just one point id like to make about kite boarders please dnt bring the kite low over our heads. it freaked the hell out of me wen someone did it too me the other day. sea u all in the sea.

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moonface Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 11

just keep stinking fuel burning jetski outta my way unless you run em on fish farts or something like that

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moonface Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 2

i agree

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bellyshaker Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -2

at the end of the day, were all usings natures finest, weather its wind or waves, shouldnt we be workin together to stop other things like polution or some other things stopping what we enjoy doing??

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moonface Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 3

see we are a friendly bunch you only live once and cant catch it twice

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dennis plaxton Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 3

i can believe that moonface, i did see some things going on in some car parks!!!!

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moonface Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 3

yeh and we suck cock for baccy in our vans mmmmmmmm

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dennis plaxton Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

you know what! i dont like surfers either, they are a load of idiots, driving around in their surf vans and taking all the spaces in the car park and going around saying things like "dude" and "hang ten bra" and "look at me on my surfboard, i'm so cool". i think you should all take up knitting or something and stop wasting all our time.

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moonface Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 5

what a waste of film

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luc Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -4

I dont really like kite-surfers, and i dont really like surfers either, so why dont you guys all kiss and make friends and gang up against me? you'll know why soon.... because im a jet-skiier. if you beat me up in the parking lot, its ok i will understand, only for the reason that i've been beaten up so many times before, and have given up trying to understand why.

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Portpipe Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 2

i still think its actionman and a load of thread in a dirty bath

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nzed surfer Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -2

spoons needs to RElax

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bruce carnegie Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 3

there are 5 lines to this kite ... two steering ones connected to the bar held in the hand leading up to the back left and right tips of the kite. Two power ones, from the front tips to the harness, and a safety line to the front middle that keeps you connected to the kite in case in all goes sour and you have to pull the release clip.

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Dave DP1 Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -3

Anyone able to explain the line's,they look like there propepr tangled to me??

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Kiwi John Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

surely kite surfers would use this website to check swell, tide, wind, and possibly pictures of local twats that may have issues with kite surfers. So live and let live (spongers excluded) lol.

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surf punx Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -1


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MantaWave Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 0

Not sure how anyone could have a problem with harnessing the wind to surf the sea. cool shot. thanks for posting.

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Spoons Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 13

Again point of those comments were? If you dont like what MSW has on here fuck off somewhere else. poncysurfersareus.com narrow minded wank dogs

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Papa Chambo Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 0

Kite surfing consists mostly of rich ponces who rely heavily on local life guard boats to pull them out when they are in the shit......c*nts.

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k.m. Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -16

all kite surfers, kayaks, bodyboarders and jetskis are all dickheads. fuck off!

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locoparasurf Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

vertiginous!!! optios are good too, if you don't go tooo deep.

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Binger Photo Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -1

That's a sick angle. Why everyone so against kite surfing? MSW even gave it a tag, so theres no reason it shouldn't be "allowed" on a surfing website...

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a11yrp Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

Cool shot, shame all the narrow minded point breakers out there cant appreciate it! :P maybe some of you guys shoulkd buy a kite n have some fun instead of bn so anal! :)

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Spoons Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -1

point of that comment?

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nz paul Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -1


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nz paul Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -5


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mantis Jan 3, 2009 Rating: -1

wait until the anti-kite surfing mob sees this. personally I think it is a cool shot.

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Portpipe Jan 3, 2009 Rating: 1

nick frisbee- ITS A PUPPET!! class shot by the way

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bruce carnegie Jan 2, 2009 Rating: 5

the kitesurfing photo was taken with a pentax optio w30 waterproof camera - fantastic for those on a budget - mounted in a camrig casing supplied by http://www.camrig.com/products.php?f=KCR4 worth checking out that site cos the bloke who made the camrig is a complete nerd (in a good way) as far as the rig and how to use it is concerned ... also some amazing photos and vid clips.

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bellyshaker Jan 2, 2009 Rating: 0

why did they create a tag (KITE) this aint even a nice shot, just brown choppy cold water!

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GWShots Jan 2, 2009 Rating: 0

Was that taken with a GoPro Digital Hero Camera?

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surfpi.co.uk Jan 2, 2009 Rating: 1

thats a class angle 5* from me :)