Gary Osborne's photo of Jersey


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Date Taken: 14th February 2009. 9220 page views since 16th February 2009.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
4ft 12s 264.86° 1ft 4s   7
Sunny 41°f
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tamather Feb 22, 2009 Rating: 7

surfing is for fags

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Archy Feb 23, 2009 Rating: 5

Thats what all spongers say after they give up on surfing because they cant do it!

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Croney Feb 22, 2009 Rating: 12


harveywallbanger's avatar

harveywallbanger Feb 23, 2009 Rating: 7

hmmm tubed backwards//

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Feb 22, 2009 Rating: 7

debut.....thats where you stick it.....after the missus polishes off her sixth appletini

harveywallbanger's avatar

harveywallbanger Feb 22, 2009 Rating: 11

ahh.. escapes me every time/

harveywallbanger's avatar

harveywallbanger Feb 21, 2009 Rating: 3

Squirl takes this, surferdudette with a 2nd on her daybiew...(htink tahts how u spel it)

taff's avatar

taff Feb 21, 2009 Rating: 0

just what the doctor ordered

Spongerdudette's avatar

Spongerdudette Feb 21, 2009 Rating: 1

You're sounding a little on the bitter side there soutie.

soutie's avatar

soutie Feb 21, 2009 Rating: 4

who me, naaaa

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mantis Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 0

good stuff. reminds me of summer time in carlsbad c.a (except for the full suits)

Rick79's avatar

Rick79 Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 7

sooooo nice! lovely shot.

soutie's avatar

soutie Feb 19, 2009 Rating: -2

in my day, you would have said it is out of focus. Now you fiddlewiddle the depoxisisty to specially create the effect with a computer.

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Feb 20, 2009 Rating: 2

that is enough about your kinky sex life frenchy!

boardmonkey's avatar

boardmonkey Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 8

beautiful...lucky fellas...

Burlington Bertie's avatar

Burlington Bertie Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 8

pure sex

RIsurf326's avatar

RIsurf326 Feb 19, 2009 Rating: -17

unbelievable photo, touched up definitly but still looks like a perfect session, wish i was there

lee 's avatar

lee Feb 17, 2009 Rating: 1

that is amazing :O

jimbob's avatar

jimbob Feb 17, 2009 Rating: -3

Quit the photoshop guys

archibald gruntfuttock's avatar

archibald gruntfuttock Feb 19, 2009 Rating: -1


Meunchkkleeerrr III's avatar

Meunchkkleeerrr III Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 2

lol souts, nice work.

soutie's avatar

soutie Feb 19, 2009 Rating: 2

in these times of economic uncertainty, i dont advise walking out on a job.