Guts Surfboards's photo of Langland Bay

Early morning Langland Reef !!

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Langland Bay

Spot Location: UK + Ireland > Wales > Langland Bay

Date Taken: 5th March 2009. 9516 page views since 11th March 2009.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
4ft 10s 256.6° 1.3ft 17s 2.5ft 4s 13
Light Snow 37°f
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mantis Mar 15, 2009 Rating: 1

looks like some fun little waves for tearing. this is probably going to sound mean but does this dude have a serious growth on his upper back?

mantis's avatar

mantis Mar 15, 2009 Rating: 1

look like some fun littles wave for tearing. but whats up with the dudes serious hunch back. is there something in the water?

I and I's avatar

I and I Mar 15, 2009 Rating: -3

nice pic, looks like a fun day. respect

Baboon Barrels's avatar

Baboon Barrels Mar 14, 2009 Rating: 9

thats the essence!!

Easily:HyPn0tiZ3d's avatar

Easily:HyPn0tiZ3d Mar 14, 2009 Rating: 12

nice set, 3 is truly a lucky #

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Mar 19, 2009 Rating: -4

you win this one frentastic fraffalicious!!.......what is corey lopez up to......I am guessing about 6'

soutie's avatar

soutie Mar 19, 2009 Rating: 7

the knee jerk redneck baseballer response to anything intellectually challenging or civilised .....*GAY*. thanks for proving my point. i rest my case. .,...oh, and we all know what Cory Lopez is up to.

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Mar 18, 2009 Rating: 7

so what you are trying to say is cricket is gay

soutie's avatar

soutie Mar 18, 2009 Rating: 9

that just perfectly sums up the difference between the sports. cricket has a batsman, baseball a batter(mmmmmwwwwnnnnggaaaa),baseball they return to a fart infested dugout and cricket it is tea and cucumber sandwedges in the pavillion.

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Mar 18, 2009 Rating: 1

Unless you are the batter.....back to the dug out for you pcola!....please no cricket comments from the peanut gallery....you know who you are!

Skeg69's avatar

Skeg69 Mar 13, 2009 Rating: 8

Wow Langland and no other surfers in the shot that must be down to voodoo or satan lol.

surfs up charlie's avatar

surfs up charlie Mar 13, 2009 Rating: 9

Nice turn -looks slightly retro which is good!!!

Keith Panini's avatar

Keith Panini Mar 13, 2009 Rating: 8

That looks like a fun wave!

the Gill's avatar

the Gill Mar 12, 2009 Rating: 13

luckily no sign of a crotch comment from Dave so far.

dave jones's avatar

dave jones Mar 16, 2009 Rating: 11

hey paul will be down peaks 2hrs b4 in am bring big lens surfing with blower