RpmSURFER's photo of Puerto Escondido

Amaro Matos

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Puerto Escondido

Spot Location: Mexico, Pacific > Pacific Coast Mexico > Puerto Escondido

Date Taken: 17th March 2011. 25764 page views since 6th April 2011.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
4ft 13s 193.79° 1.7ft 16s 1ft 5s 6 7 mph Clear 75°f
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Mr.villa Apr 14, 2011 Rating: 0

How the hell does that guy turn his lonboard like that?Awsome stuff

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G.I. Apr 11, 2011 Rating: -1

Never seen a foamie going that well before - fair play!

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wave-os Apr 11, 2011 Rating: -5

For the one asking: am I gonna get my head chopped off by a drug cartel? Stay were you are, we dont need crybabies in our waves that may actually chopped your head off, with out the need of cartels.Remember "mi casa es su casa" does not apply for surfing spots.

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surf vendée Apr 14, 2011 Rating: 1

Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you ? Definitely a tool though !!!

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flacod Apr 8, 2011 Rating: 0

What brand is that longboard?

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Rich Walsh Apr 8, 2011 Rating: 2

Yellow, nuff said

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SurfTaiwan.com Apr 8, 2011 Rating: -1

Solid wave, solid surfing. Top style too!

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Knife on Water Apr 8, 2011 Rating: 0


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burnt_toast! Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

So used to seeing big waves on the thumb-nail, but so refreshing to see a longboard on that big wave. Really nice pic, top marks.

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Tequila Sunrise Apr 7, 2011 Rating: -5

Jeff did it at more than 3 times the size.....

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Tequila Sunrise Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

http://images.ask.com/fr?q=jeff+hackman+photographs&desturi=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.surfersvillage.com%2F_sv0800%2Fsvreport%2Fmentapics2.htm&initialURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ask.com%2Fpictures%3Fqsrc%3D167%26o%3D15570%26l%3Ddis%26q%3Djeff%2520hackman%2520photographs&fm=i&ac=24&fsel=1&ftURI=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.ask.com%2Ffr%3Fq%3Djeff%2Bhackman%2Bphotographs%26desturi%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.surfersvillage.com%252F_sv0800%252Fsvreport%252Fmentapics2.htm%26imagesrc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.surfersvillage.com%252F_sv0800%252Fimage%252Fimagereport%252Fgalerimenta%252F59%252520Jeff%252520HACKMAN%252520AFFIF.jpg%26thumbsrc%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fmedia5.picsearch.com%252Fis%253FGXZTjTC3Eay4LgwGnGZinMGXUKoa7AumY3Tk3ISlNqg%26o%3D15570%26l%3Ddis%26thumbuselocalisedstatic%3Dfalse%26thumbwidth%3D128%26thumbheight%3D85%26fn%3D59%2520Jeff%2520HACKMAN%2520AFFIF.jpg%26imagewidth%3D891%26imageheight%3D594%26fs%3D64%26f%3D2%26fm%3Di%26fsel%3D1%26ftbURI%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.ask.com%252Fpictures%253Fq%253Djeff%252Bhackman%252Bphotographs%2526page%253D1%2526o%253D15570%2526l%253Ddis%2526pstart%253D0&qt=0 OK neggers....here is an old style bottom turn...wide and cool (sick)...the wave is not 3* the size unfortunately...

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flacod Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

Is Amaro Matos , Puerto Escondido.-

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tanman Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

Is that really a longboard? Looks more like a magic carpet/ minimal than a longboard. Whatever he is riding respect for the power bottom turn.

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surfjat15 Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 1

wow props for tackling that slab with a longboard

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Stevierocks Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 1

Not so sure this will end well! sick turn non the less!

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moonyface Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0


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Sir Jake Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

Its the Green Goblin!

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potato-head assasination Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 1

i could never figure out how these guys paddle out on these big days. turtle rolls- i doubt it. cant duck dive long boards

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AndyC Apr 8, 2011 Rating: 0

Longboards paddle out quicker, wait for the lull and get your timing right and paddle like hell. (on a side note you can duckdive modern light progressive longboards fairly easyish with a bit of practice

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b0ngman Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

would like to travel here... how are the waves/weather in November?? am I gonna get my head chopped off by a drug cartel?

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Wincy Apr 11, 2011 Rating: 0

haha. they just love it! you should hear them laugh. "jajajajjaja look at his body with no head jajajaja" "rapido Ernesto, find more gringos jajajajajaja"

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Senkoe Apr 10, 2011 Rating: 0

Yeah, Drug Cartels everywhere keen to chop greengo's heads off

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Tommy75 Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

Oh baby! Great wave.......and nice board as well.......

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Dok Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 7

loving the swell estimate for the day, 3.5ft doesnt look like that on uk east coast

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Oriel surfer Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

You would be lucky to get a dribbly bit of windslop on 3.5ft over here....awesome pic!

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super_mushburgers Apr 7, 2011 Rating: -1

tom curren?

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ZsJ Apr 12, 2011 Rating: 0

How would you know? Been bellybutton watching have we?

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Spongerdudette Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 0

Amaro Matos.

bra_boyz_canada's avatar

bra_boyz_canada Apr 7, 2011 Rating: 11

Tom curren's bellybutton isnt that big