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S Turns

Spot Location: North Carolina > North Carolina > S Turns

Date Taken: 12th November 2007. 10860 page views since 19th October 2008.

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jorge22 Oct 23, 2008 Rating: 2

Nice one!!!!! Im an expert in that ones!!!!

Pousay Phardt Chowihder's avatar

Pousay Phardt Chowihder Oct 23, 2008 Rating: 11

I broke my first board in the obx doing the same thing, except i hit the sand bar with the board between my legs, almost skegged my tant.

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alexfv Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 16

I'm always tempted to go up there, but I've been told that it is rare to surf with fair to good conditions here, that it is often fraught with near/to onshore winds. I guess they want people to stay away.he he he, I hope one day to go up though.

The Badger's avatar

The Badger Oct 22, 2008 Rating: -2

one-one thousand, two-one thousand, check canopy!

westmonster's avatar

westmonster Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 8

Oh man S-turns, thats twice as heavy as it looks.

marston...'s avatar

marston... Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 11

ooooooh!!! owchy...

sqirl's avatar

sqirl Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 18

The old heisman trophy pose air bomb drop.

jonnieboy's avatar

jonnieboy Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 1

Bet it's quite shallow as well!

bazza's avatar

bazza Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 7

Do ya recon he landed it?

Lopez's avatar

Lopez Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 7

lived there for over 11 years. surfed behind my house there all the time.just seeing the picture before the caption i recognized the wave.great barrels there!! dont miss wetsuits though!

VAlogger's avatar

VAlogger Oct 22, 2008 Rating: 10

yep, we've all been there before

Dan Johnston's avatar

Dan Johnston Oct 21, 2008 Rating: 17

When was that taken? nice drop...

Beads's avatar

Beads Oct 21, 2008 Rating: 11

Over the falls!!!