Liam's photo of Porthcawl - Coney Beach

Andy doing a slice.

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Porthcawl - Coney Beach

Spot Location: UK + Ireland > Wales > Porthcawl - Coney Beach

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fag boy shit eater richards's avatar

fag boy shit eater richards Jan 5, 2009 Rating: 1


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Bongo138 Dec 4, 2008 Rating: 2

Sorry dude, thought you just had big old clown feet. and i've you're gonna diss, at least spell "douche" correctly.

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Ghando Dec 3, 2008 Rating: -1

if you weren't such a doosh bag you would notice that i actually do have fins on just my feet are turned so you cant see that well

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Bongo138 Dec 1, 2008 Rating: 3

If you're on a bodyboard, did someone steal your fins or is that a really really short shortboard? Enquiring minds want to know.

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willy1stop Nov 23, 2008 Rating: 1

hardcore brah!

jackjustjizzed's avatar

jackjustjizzed Nov 21, 2008 Rating: 3

Spear, go suck pig bell

Ghando's avatar

Ghando Nov 13, 2008 Rating: -1

well these are my friends who are commenting the pic being kind and sorry for not being in a barrel full carving it up... seems im a beginner dont expect myself doing soo

SD's avatar

SD Nov 13, 2008 Rating: -2

Reading these comments just made me choke on my can of pop :)

Speago's avatar

Speago Nov 12, 2008 Rating: 2

Whats Nice??? All I see is a is a guy on a week wave falling off his teabag

his minge smells of pasty's avatar

his minge smells of pasty Nov 12, 2008 Rating: 2

should've gone for a wank.

Andrew's avatar

Andrew Nov 11, 2008 Rating: 1

wow that's really radical. ha

ebeynon's avatar

ebeynon Nov 10, 2008 Rating: -1

Where you looking at. You should be eyeing up that section for a invert

Lucas Chinn's avatar

Lucas Chinn Nov 9, 2008 Rating: 3

sweet m8 :P

dk4life's avatar

dk4life Nov 9, 2008 Rating: 3

should have hit the lip, nice tho :P

Liam's avatar

Liam Nov 9, 2008 Rating: 2