Kyle Knight's photo of Cow Bay

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Cow Bay

Spot Location: Nova Scotia > Nova Scotia > Cow Bay

Date Taken: 25th March 2009. 6055 page views since 28th March 2009.

Swell Rating Primary Swell Secondary Swell Wind (+ Gusts) Weather
6ft 11s 100.41° 4.5ft 5s   30
Overcast 30°f
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SurfKayakCancuk Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 0

Funny thing is this is one of the most crowded, easy to find spots on 500kms of coastline.

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soutie Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 17

the good thing about this site, we get to appreciate and learn a bit about spots all over the place. I wouldnt have imagined a Canadian surf scene, but it makes sense. its not as if it will get crowded out though. If I had the wherewithal to go to Canada, if would be for the skiing and nature. Wouldnt lug my kit there and summers probably flat, winters too cold, so you get to keep your pristine spots. You are lucky in a way, cause the wave is quality, and no crowds (as far as I can tell).Moose Barrel. keep on raving lads.

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SOME KID Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 6

The waves are out there if you want 'em. It's just cold as fuck. Plus there are moose all over the lineup too gotta watch your back out here its still the wild west.

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Meunchkkleeerrr III Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 18

top stuff kyle!!!

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tofinoplease Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 17


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dvVIII Apr 1, 2009 Rating: 18

killer shot!

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rambeau28 Mar 31, 2009 Rating: 22

yeah man sick shot , so do you take pictures for surfer and how much would i have to pay you to take like pictures if i were inerrested

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Kyle Knight Mar 31, 2009 Rating: 16

definitely. drop me an email at shaggymelon@yahoo.ca with your digits (or buzz me at 405-2118) and we could work out a modest fee and a day that works for you. cheers mate.

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rambeau28 Mar 30, 2009 Rating: 19

sick shot , i got a new background pci lol wheres this at man?

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soutie Apr 3, 2009 Rating: 17

hahaha, Moose Barrel.

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Kyle Knight Mar 30, 2009 Rating: 16

Cheers mate. Moose barrel Wednesday morning.

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Kyle Knight Mar 30, 2009 Rating: 10

Cheers mate. It was at the Moose on Wednesday afternoon.


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