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15 day surf forecasts and advanced tools.

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15 day surf forecast on our iOS and Android apps.

15 day charts, HD charts and multi charts.

Our set of extended surf forecasting tools allow you to really dial in your local spot and ensure you're always in the water when it's firing.


Spotting the perfect swell and finding that window in the wind has never been easier with multi-charts. You can tile up to four charts right next to each other and slide through the time frames watching both swell, period, wind and pressure change simultaneously, making it super easy to spot the perfect window in the wind or view significant changes in weather patterns.

Long Range Forecast

Our long range forecast table and charts push the limit of long range forecasting. It's perfect for spotting a significant swell event like a hurricane or tropical depression weeks out. It's a critical part of our forecasting tool set when forecasting for the Quiksilver Pro in France.

Great Circle Charts

The earth isn't flat, but our charts are. When we create a flat chart to represent the curved surface of our oceans we have to choose a 'projection' that converts one to the other. It's the same way paper maps are produced of the world. Great circle charts are an overlay that you can place on any chart for your local spot. These show you exactly what a direct line looks like on the chart, so exactly the directions swell can travel freely to a particular location. They allows you to, at a glance, spot whether a storm is relevant to your break.

Multi-Model Forecast

View a full range of possibilities with 20 different long range models. A cutting edge technique for seeing not just what's most likely, but a range of possible scenarios for wind and swell and allowing you to plan a trip or surf session with confidence.

Unrestricted Tide

We have tide tables for every spot from 1970-2038. With Pro you can view the tide table for any spot between this time. Perfect for knowing what the tides will be in a few months time.



15 day surf forecast, charts and advanced tools.


The world's best surf forecast.

US$2.89/month or US$28.99/year
Forecast Length

How many days into the future the surf forecast will go to.

15 days 10 days

Long range charts stretching out up to 15 days into the future.

15 days

7 days

HD Charts

See everything in immense detail with supersize, high resolution charts.

Multi Charts

View 4 charts simultaneously with the world's only quad chart player.

Jetstream & Surf Charts**

View 7 days of jetstream and surf height charts.

Unrestricted Tides

View tide and daylight times for any spot, for anytime^.

Multi-Model Forecast

Access forecast data from 20 different swell models for up to 10 days.

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OS and Android App+ Included

Unlocks App+ features on our apps.

Unrestricted Forecast

Access the past forecast from 1997 to the current day.

Wave Buoys

Network of wave buoys.

Hurricane Forecast

Hurricane surf forecast.

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* 15 day charts are enabled on selected charts regions and types only. Chart types include: swell, period and wind. Chart regions include: Baltic Sea, California, Canary Islands, Central America, Chile, Eastern Mediterranean, Ecuador and Peru, Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Mediterranean Sea, Mid Atlantic, Morocco, New Zealand, North Atlantic, North East Pacific, North Pacific, North Sea, North Sea and Norwegian Ocean, NW Pacific, Pacific Mexico, Pacific North West, Persian Gulf, SE Pacific, South Africa, South Atlantic, South East Asia, South Pacific, Southern Indian Ocean, SW Pacific, Tasman Sea, UK & Ireland, US Northeastern Seaboard, US Pacific, US Southeastern Seaboard, Western Europe, Western Mediterranean, World, World Atlantic and World Pacific.
** Jetstream and surf height charts are enabled on selected regions only. These currently include: Cape Cod, Gulf of Mexico, Mid Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Pacific, NY/NJ, South Atlantic, South Pacific, Southern California, Southern Indian Ocean, Tasman Sea, UK & Ireland and World.

^ Anytime within 1970-2038.