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Artist. Water and Paint
art backlit barrel beach break bodyboard crowded drop in heavy hollow longboard reef break retro shortboard silhouette slab Sunrise surfer girl UK Summer Shootout wedge wipeout wreck
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Watergate Bay
Praa Sands
Newquay - Towan / Great Western
Newquay - Fistral North
Lahinch - Beach
La Barre
Biarritz Grande Plage
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bruce carnegie2253 days ago -7 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
fuckin hell!... really good shots ... clever clever stuff, you manage to capture something that all the rest strive for.
dannyoconnor2401 days ago -8 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
yo fella..i think i used an image of yours as an inspiration for a apinting...it was someone doing and aeriel wit bright yellow background...pretty sure it wasone of yours...anyway check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/all_art_is_bollocks/2239935440/in/set-72157594397951204/ for what happened next! danny
cam the man2472 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
yh koook
westportmike2536 days ago +5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Great shots . I'm a photographer (amateur) in Westport WA USA and I’m trying to start an international surfing event (online) on January 1st each year. I call it SURF DAY 1... and my goal is to inspire surfers to start the new year out right... in the water. What I would like (and this is where you come in) is for as many people as possible to send me a great picture from a New Years Day Surf Session.... wherever they are in the world. My goal for this first SURF DAY 1 is to get pictures from 10 countries and 50 beaches. Next year I want to make a bigger deal out of it…. With prizes for the winning shots. If you are taking pics on Jan 1 please email me the best one. Also please forward this to any other surfers and/or photographers to get the word out. You can see more about what I am talking about by going to www.surfday1.com Thanks and have a great New Year! Mike Coverdale funsand@westportbeachescapes.com
jessecary2642 days ago +5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hey i just clicked on the first photo I noticed on the home page and who took the photo but my soon to be uncle in-law. (It's Claire's fiance Jesse) Nice shot!
discipull clothing2642 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi there. Just noticed the shot you had up of George franklin bodyboarding that wedge, Anywho, i'm trying to get a clothing company off the ground www.discipull.com, and hes one of my riders. Is there any chance at all that i can use that image in his gallery. I dnt have a budget for anything like this, or anything at all! so i cant pay you, but would be able to credit you on the image and link to your site if you have one. No probs tough if you dont want to. Cheers Mark Vangorph