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namron2685 days ago +18 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi bud, hope this isn't too late for you going to Fuerte. In Corralejo itself you have the excellent Harbour beak right by the harbour wall which is a nice left that can handle some size. Just around the corner from this heading out of town is Bristol Playa although I've yet to see this break work. To the south of the town you have Bajo del Medio which is a reef break with razor sharp lava rock on the entry but nice waves on its day. All these are within walking distance of the town. For other breaks enquire at any of the surf shops/schools to see if they're heading to any of them. It may cost a few Euros but its worth heading around the north track to find excellent waves. Good luck and I hope this isn't too late.
Occy992768 days ago +20 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
yeah and youve just told the whole world were it is "just south off coldingham youll find it if you look hard enough somebody wrote locals only ""whats all that about and your telling me huh!! your the one broadcasting it