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the vanity project2456 days ago +20 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
In response to your question fella, heres a comment i left on the forum, cheers for the positive feedback, I go to that beach nearly every day and I ain't never seen it so sweet: Just to set the record straight on the authenticity of this image. The date may be off by a day or two but it was definitely that week. I am a gentleman and a squire and can be trusted to label wave porn correctly for your viewing pleasure. Considering the amount of honesty on display in these forums I’m surprised anyone questions the veracity of my account. I refer of course to MrNelz and his “small winky” problem. Kudos for your candour MrNelz, we salute you. It seems to be a common affliction in deep winter my friend, although perhaps I’m being too honest to concede I have this problem in the summer time too! Maybe its an evolutionary thing, cats have retractable claws to protect them don’t they? Errr anyway…. Glad most people liked the photo, she sure was a purdy looking wave. I think Mother Nature has to take the credit though, she pulled out all the stops for that one, it even made it into the top shots “msw our pick” section. High praise indeed.