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coming from northeast england not only myself but everybody you speak to seams to share the same view as the thurso locals. its ok for cornish devon welsh surfers etc to sit there slagging off the locals comments on here but if they have been brought up surfing waves with just your friends and local people who have surfed not just average waves but world class setups for years and kept them low key for a reason. not just for the sake of them getting exposed but simply due to the fact that we respect what we have on our doorstep which been from the northeast does not happen all that often. so when you suddenly find out somebody has just exposed one off the places you have loved and spent many happy years growing up and surfing literally pisses you right off so much so it then starts to cause problems when other folk start turning up in which case making yourself act like a arsehole towards them. ive spent many years surfing in scotland which has always been like a second home to me, the locals are the nicest people you will meet. we always go up there and the boys have a lot of time for us which is great to say how many people go and surf up there. one thing we alway get is a load of footage and photos but we keep it all for good memories, to again a place we love and respect just like our home. sadly the same as happened in the northeast as the cornish seam to have a different attitude towards other people and just think they can turn up with 10 vans and a camera crew claiming they were the first to surf it bla bla bla and there is only them good enough to surf it etc and all the other crap they write and go on about on the internet. its now getting even harder for us every year to enjoy surfing in scotland now as the local lads are just getting pissed off with all the shit that goes on up there which in turn has now started to make a strain on us as though in some way we feel partly responsible too. the only thing i can see happening here its that a time will come when pretty much all us english will get treated like shit up there simply down to a small amount of people who just think about themselves. so all you people who write negative shit about the thurso lot just remember that on your next trip up north just think how your going to get treated specially when you have your kernow stickers all over your car and vans . then you will be going home moaning calling them every name under the sun. cheers again kernow...