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The seal issue is one thing but the uranium mining and associated industries could start to pollute this presently unpolluted coastline (more permanent damage to the environment than seal harvesting). AREVA, a French company and Rio Tinto a British company plus many Australian companies (Palladin, Bannerman, Extract etc.) plus Russian and Chinese are mining uranium also looking at mining marine phosphates. Instead of punishing the Namibian Government for murdering seals rather look at these multinationals that are making shareholders rich plus some corrupt politicians while contributing to green house gases, spreading radiation, and noxious waste to our air and ocean (using fresh water in a desert for mining! burning coal to give power to mine uranium). It is all rather sick, but wall street is under attack right now....somehow all related to our global demise...but presently being addressed by the young people of our planet. Seals haul out the water to rest and breed on land. Seals are clobbered at Cape Cross and Atlas Bay each year. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources manage the marine environment and give quotas out each year! The coastline is all under protected area management....Namib Skeleton Coast National Park, the only continental country to have its entire coastline under protected area management. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A POLITICAL PLATFORM THOUGH! But those people using this platform to attack Namibia by trying to impact on an industry that is behind environmental protection...is not the way to go. Rather come into our country and try to change things from within rather than barking across the ocean! Spill some blood here for our seals rather than being a keyboard hero. I did not see a lot of interesting wilderness areas with the biodiversity that we have here in Africa...anywhere in Europe!