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Former 1960's & 70's Surfer and Retired from open wheel auto racing and now back to the beach and waves. Still get my racing in once or twice each summer. Lonnie Caruthers
abstract aerial art backlit barrel beach break big wave bodyboard bomb comedy crowded cutback drop in glassy heavy hollow landscape lifeboat lineup panorama perfection point break pro surfer shortboard stand up paddle surfer girl tropical underwater unridden wedge wildlife wipeout young surfer
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Puerto Escondido - Wed 30th Nov 2011 - 12am
Puerto Escondido - Wed 30th Nov 2011 - 12am
Puerto Escondido - Mon 7th Nov 2011 - 12pm
La Punta - Playa Zicatela - Sat 23rd Apr 2011 - 12pm
Puerto Escondido - Sun 13th Feb 2011 - 9am
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DIGITAL WAVE1636 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Just had to say howzit on some awesome pics lately, Surfzup!
the vanity project2107 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nice new uploads rpm, was that guy alright with the board stabbing??? Genuinely troubled by that photo. love that SUP shot
Sneakybadger 2143 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hello mate, sorry to bother you. Can i ask a favour. Magicseaweed have graciously offered a deal in order to allow Sqirl back on the threads. What is proposed is that 50 users email general@magicseaweed.com and ask for his return, he will then be reinstated with his profile. If you could do that/want him back then please do. One more thing, please don't mention this on the image or news threads as this will break the terms of the deal. Cheers!
Sunspot2210 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Jeez, I was one of the commentators, and now I feel like a pervert. She sure don't look 13, either physically or judging by her advanced surfing skills. I was gonna leave a msg jawing off about how possessive it is of the photog/boyfriend to disable comments, and not to bother publishing if you can't handle the admiring comments etc. Maybe a good idea to publish her age discreetly with the shots eg 13yr old Escondido local AsAyA ripping etc, as boys will be boys lol. Still, good to see the girls comin' along. She rips!
Spongerdudette2211 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I didn't read any of the comments that was put on Asaya's photos but I can take a wild guess at what they were like. In fairness to the guys she does look older then 13 and I was amazing to read her age on your list of comments, but I totally understand why you had to disable the comments. She is defo one hell of a good surfer and I had a look at those shots on flickr, so I was just wondering if you know at what age she took up surfing to get that good.
fedearchdale2385 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Mate! , its so nice to browse around international surf sites specially magic sea weed which we all love and see so great pictures of our lovely Mexico and great pictures taken from a great mexican surf photographer! very nice job mate! you keep loading fantastic pictures & we will keep enjoying and watering our mouths craving for some of those waves! Saludos banda!... de un acapulqueno perdido al otro lado del charco! buenisimas tus fotos carnalito!
RpmSURFER2221 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Thanks everyone, I LOVE what I do.
shanok2510 days ago +24 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
RPM,; for me you are the best photographer in Mexico; for sure!!! Pina its good; but. youre better: promisse:; why you dont talk to Mario Dillanes and sell some pics to his magazine? Planeta Surf: would be great to see someof your work out there::
hardcore2587 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
what size board would be ridden at puerto escondido on a 16 foot wave face? I was just curious, thank you.
westportmike2613 days ago +11 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Great shots . I'm a photographer (amateur) in Westport WA USA and I’m trying to start an international surfing event (online) on January 1st each year. I call it SURF DAY 1... and my goal is to inspire surfers to start the new year out right... in the water. What I would like (and this is where you come in) is for as many people as possible to send me a great picture from a New Years Day Surf Session.... wherever they are in the world. My goal for this first SURF DAY 1 is to get pictures from 10 countries and 50 beaches. Next year I want to make a bigger deal out of it…. With prizes for the winning shots. If you are taking pics on Jan 1 please email me the best one. Also please forward this to any other surfers and/or photographers to get the word out. You can see more about what I am talking about by going to www.surfday1.com Thanks and have a great New Year! Mike Coverdale funsand@westportbeachescapes.com
willsurfing2735 days ago +22 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I love your pictures! In September, I'll be traveling to Puerto Escondido. I'll probably write you an email to your web page address! Thanks a lot for push my dreams. I'm so excited to surf this wave, at last!
surfer andy2808 days ago -14 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nice pictures your uploadin keep em cumin !