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Spongerdudette2149 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hello, Magicseaweed have graciously offered a deal in order to allow Sqirl back on the threads. What is proposed is that 50 users email general@magicseaweed.com and ask for his return, he will then be reinstated with his profile. If you could do that/want him back then please do. One more thing, please don't mention this on the image or news threads as this will break the terms of the deal. Cheers!
traboys2595 days ago +5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
"Fuck kiteboarding (its not kitesurfing as the force of movement comes from the wind not waves, and before any cock says it, I know waves come from wind). I don't know who are worse, goatboaters or kiteboarders. Goatboaters get in the way in the water more, but every kiteboarder I've met have annoyed the shit out of me. For a start they all seem to say 'cool and 'radical' a bit much. Then they take over a car park with their VW transporters (I think that's on the basis that they are trying to be surfers and all try hards have a transporter). They seem to think that what they do is a bit special, but the airs are basically like tow in airs as it's the wind that gives them speed and then they get in the air and just have some sort of fit, but it looks the same everytime. Then you get to the pub and the fuckers want to talk about it with you. Got a lot more time for windsurfers as at least they can ride waves" soo so true