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I love to surf.
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Newquay - Fistral North
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Mike Pearson2585 days ago +33 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hi there only just realised 128 days later about this message. oh by the way i appreciate your pun! yeah ived had it good a few times recently, though not had a great swell direction for the right. frikkin love the mid-high wedge though, so much fun. I love it because its not perfect (if you know what i mean) but every set breaks different, some really wedgey and hollow and some just long walls and some random right wedges and backwash etc. Such a laugh! When this swell chills down a bit think Im going to get back on it there!
Newbs2713 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
just got back from the spot that is so good its a joke, only used to surf it at low tide, since descovered this yr the fact that ill rename it to wedge bay cause it is a sick wedge what ever stage of tide, munquay and always figured as low is a right wedge the rocks get in the way and it goes shit but once it passes those rocks the right wedges continue till mid tide then the left wedges start working then left wedges at high tide. (all in all its the perfect shaped little bay, hope youve had it good recenty