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Adzo2531 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Alreet Rab. How's she gannnin? I'm not the most regular checker of my MSW either, especially since the hoo-ha surrounding Bamburgh died down after its removal from the site. It's been quite a consistent summer, moderate to good swells every other week, usually with some weekend action which must've kept everyone happy and, I guess, satisfied at their local breaks. I say this because Bamburgh has been even quieter than usual so folk obviously haven't been coming out of their way to surf it. And I've not felt the need to search very much further either, going on the general principle of not driving away from rideable waves. No classic swells have come through but I've had clean waves a-plenty up to head-high on the beach and a bit smaller over the reef just by the lighthouse. During July and August so far most sessions on my tod or with one or two mates at the most. We've only seen maybe 2 or 3 visiting surfers, no-one I've never met before. It was a lad I know quite well who led the petitioning to have Bamb. removed from MSW and that was as a result of a much more sensitive local break being pictured on the Bamb. page. I haven't seen him out at Bamb. since. I personally wasn't too concerned about Bamb. forecast being up there but have to agree that if it leads to secret spots losing that status then a report page should go. Hope you've been getting yer share. Ride On, Adzo.
Adzo2583 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Been surfing it for years Rab. I just live up the road at Belford and check Bamb first off on all swells. Its no busier since msw. There's about 7/8 guys who surf Bamb. regularly year round that I know of and by that I mean heading for Bambin preference to anywhere else. There's always more folk during summer and autumn. Got 2 sessions out of 4 to myself with last weekends swell and one with just two others out. Other surfers still regularly report similar solitiude. The busiest I saw it over the last swell was with about 7 in the water last monday night. Crowding at Bamburgh,at least for now, is a myth. Dont get me wrong- I hope it stays quiet, but it is irational to just blame websites like msw for any increase in numbers of surfers anywhere. Its a growing sport, the sea is a free resource for us and as a result its only ever going to get busier. I find it peculiar that some surfers dont see themselves as part of a crowd just because they've been surfing longer/turning up at a break for a few more years or whatever. Its always other people that are the problem isnt it?