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backlit barrel beach break
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old mother hubbard2616 days ago +7 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Inswano, due to respect, I've removed the photos of Cave and Mozam. I didn't intend to cause any trouble or offence. Would be awesome to see more of these photos if you have them as you have some sweet breaks in S.A and further north. Peace.
old mother hubbard2683 days ago +20 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi Guys, I'm not meaning to cause any offence to anyone or make any enemies!! I've admitted in the descriptions of the photos of cave and mozam that they are not mine- i credited them to the guys that did take them but didn't want to post any names. I was in SA a few years back and made an album of some of my trips. Part of which was staying with some guys who live at and surf the bluff. I snagged a couple of their photos to add to my album from one of the guys' laptop when he was showing me his surf trips. i think they're some of the sweetest photos in the album and wanted to share them- hence posting them on MS. Like I say, i'm not trying to piss anyone off and will remove them if you want me to or will happily post the names of the guy who i got them from. One way.