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JOEL Parkinson unlucky to be out of J-Bay after almost cutting off his heel getting clipped in the tube at Snapper.
EIGHT strange facts you never knew about Bali. Trance of the Virgins? The Suicide Army of Marga Rama?
MICK Fanning joins The Skin Cancer Foundation to help spread the cancer prevention message around the globe.
MUSCROFT saves the day in Sri Lanka whilst hunting remote pointbreaks and making friends with gun-toting militia types.
GET voting for the 2010 WPS All Stars -- who do you want to duke it out at this year's US Open Of Surfing at Huntington?
ARITZ'S blog: Trestles to Las Vegas and back again complete with an explanation of the 24 hour clock.
WHEN Luke Stedman met Damien Hirst: a weekend with one of the greatest artists of our generation.
THE quick and the dead: Travis Logie, from ony surfing weekends to the World Tour. He's one to watch in 2010.
DEANO Morrison loads up the waggon and bolts down the coast to a sandy secret spot below Newcastle.
MELBOURNE Grand Prix, met some great people, got to see what goes into a car ... I'm a lucky kid.
MINI MOVIE shot before the rains came to Queensland and washed the surfers out. State borderline action.
100 GROMMETS traded waves with world champs at Duranbah, Fanning and 20 of the world's best turned out.
JOEL Parkinson took on a slabby right-hand cauldron in preparation for the start of the 'CT season at Snapper.
IT'S that time, when the entire world population descends with unswerving trajectory onto the Gold Coast sands.
G'DAY everyone, it's Owen Wright, and this is what's been happening ... Hangin' In Bondi With Wilko.
AMID the clinking of post-party bottles, Mick, 2009 champ, sits down and explains his road to a second world title.
RINGSIDE history: the houses overlooking Rocky Point have some serious stories to tell, here's four of them.
TWO Portuguese, one natural, one goofy, draw water pistols at a secluded right hand pointbreak in Mexico.
WARNING for Queensland's pointbreak belt as monster 6 metre shark stalks Bede's hometown.
RIPCURL Search: Despite two days building defences, at 4am this morning a storm demolished the contest site.
ANOTHER country, another lay day on the Dream Tour. Here's an irreverent, off the leash, look around Peniche.
GRAND theft Bordueax: CJ Hobgood upbeat and resolute despite loss of magic boards from Hossegor garage.
FIFTY French children didn't know what hit them when the world's best surfers descended on their clubhouse
AROUND the world 20 times and all in just three weeks - well at least that's what it feels like...
DOM Abersalie from Pellsrus is the proud owner of Tiago Pires' spanking new Chilli sled - which pleased him.
HUNTINGTON: 100,000 surf-crazed fans. Eight surfers chosen by you. This is the WPS All Stars and stadium surfing.
PERFECT points, secret beaches and six amazing videos - come backstage with World Pro Surfers and the Top 45.
HAVING just scored the Mentawai surf trip of a lifetime Mick's in Brazil getting the samba on the go.
DIALLING in from South America, Bede talks cold water, winning last year and swell windows
TRACKED by sky cam: A unique perspective of Kirra, courtesy of Mick Fanning, Bobby M, Joli and a helicopter.
More than 1/2 a million of you voted! So who did you choose for the All Stars Expression Session at the Hurley US Open Of Surfing?
DAVEY'S addiction to ink is getting the better of him.
REUNION: Occy, Andy, and Dorian make their way to a secluded beach on Australia's Tweed Coast.
ADAM Robertson talks on getting to the final of Bells, his cousin, table tennis and how Kelly Slater can lose.
NEW perspectives of Bells Beach and her neighbouring limestone reefs over Easter. Not just the same old...
I NEVER thought I'd buy a small dog especially not a small fluffy one with bows in its hair. Now look what I've done.
KIDS travelled 13 hours to surf with their heroes at Bells Beach. Freezing storm surf was no deterrent for this Lilliputian army.
SURFING D’bah, Snapper and big groyne Kirra. Plus WPS Surf with the Stars day.
LOSING at Kirra, surfing the Cape and broken noses.
REVIEW: Occy: the rise, fall and second-coming of a modern surf hero. Unflinchingly honest and also pants-down hilarious.
TRAINING for the new season in Ballito
Review of Kelly Slater: For the Love
Ex-tour guys glide at the Burleigh Boardriders Single Fin Classic
Kelly Tandem Surfs with Stingray
Joel wins nail-biting Triple Crown - goes down to Pipeline final
Been a busy busy bee
" The reason I did not compete in Mundaka ..."
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